Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We were visiting Debi's blog over at Garden Party recently and we saw her post about the wreaths she is making. Aren't they beautiful? Well guess what? Looks like she is saving most of them to be sold at our show! Ladies you better be making plans to go to the fundraiser Friday night, cuz we don't think these will last til Saturday! Debi is so talented, we were so impressed with her booth at our last show, it had a darling patio umbrella made with vintage fabric. That umbrella was snatched up so fast that we barely saw it! We are so happy that Debi & Garden party will be vendors again at our Fall Funky Junk Sisters Show!


  1. I just did some power catching up. Happy belated birthday to your brotha. Football. Love it. What is up with talking about the cool vintage fabric covered umbrella and not including a photo? The wreath? Love it! ~Mindy

  2. We will try to find a pic of it. But I think it was gone so fast that we didn't get one!