Saturday, August 15, 2009

Down Right Neighborly!!

If you keep up with us on facebook (Ima Junksister)and twitter (funkyjunksisters)then you know that I (Linda) did a dumb thing today. I locked my keys in my car and I didn't have a spare! So many of you offered to help me and I thank you all for that, but the Milam dealership in Puyallup came to my rescue! This dealership is so friendly and helpful that I just had to tell you about them. They got me into my car lickety split and were happy to do it. I was walking out the door after they magically produced a key for me and this is what I read...
Milam and all of their staff is A - PLUS in my book. We have purchased 3 cars from them and have always been satisfied with their attitude "to please". I know this sounds like a commercial but when you feel good about something, you spread the word!

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  1. Hey, if you're ever too far away and you do it again, you may have that coverage on your car insurance. I've done it before and the insurance company sent someone in about 15 minutes and they had me fixed up really quick. A lot of people have it on the car insurance and don't realize it. I'd have loved to come up their to help you lol! I was cleaning out my sewing/craft room ALL DAY LONG! I believe I saw that you were out at sales, lucky!