Thursday, May 31, 2012

Off To Farm Chicks

We've been huntin' and gatherin' for quite a while now just to prepare for
The Farm Chicks show. Our booth will be in Bay 1.
You will see plenty of this look in it.
 (image compliments of miss mustard seed)

Yummy creamy whites with lots of vintage white accents....but if you know us you can always count on a pop of color here and there!!

If you are going...make sure you say HOWDY to us!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Postcard From 1952

Take a trip back in time with this amazing music video. 
We know all you vintage junkies will relate to this...just like we did.
(Remember to turn off our music player on the right side bar before you play this!)

Remember you can take a trip back in time at our next 
Funky Junk Sisters
"Junk Salvation" Vintage Market
 in Puyallup, WA on June 22 & 23. 

Watch for early bird tickets
 online soon!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Big Thank You To Our Fallen Soldiers

The American Flag has always been one of our inspiration pieces. We have created many designs using the influence of our Grand Ol' Flag
like this table top below.
 This weekend we honor the fallen soldiers that have defended our FREEDOM!!! So that we may continue to CREATE the life that we CHOOSE in this wonderful country we call home! 
So we will celebrate as a family on the shores of the Puget Sound with our
Korean War Veteran (Funky Junk Grandpa) in attendance. He will be surrounded by his family and the freedom that he fought to give them! Freedom to paddle board with a dog, kayak with your sister in law and motorboat around the sound 
with your great uncle....may you all have a wonderful weekend with your families and 
take time to remember the freedoms that we have been given. 

God Bless the U.S.A.!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Junk Salvation in TEXAS part 2

 When we were in Texas not only did we do our own show in the ghost town...but we went to the country living magazine fair in Austin. It was only 6 miles from our show so many shoppers enjoyed both. 
Here are a few pics of some of the things we found interesting. 

 Stash Style...this gal had some really cute OOAK clothing pieces. Sorry the pic is so far away. Her business cards were made like raffle could tear them off of the roll. You can find her on Etsy as Stash Style.
 Many of you may have already seen this photo on our facebook page. I loved the chandelier made of dollies, but my hubby thought it was creepy
The consensus on facebook agreed with hubby.
 Dang! I hate it when he wins!
 This gal above has written two unique cookbooks. Both of them have been recipes she has gathered from food trailers she has visited in Austin and of course, Portland, Or. 
Watch for a giveaway of one of her books on here soon!

 Of course you know we can't resist these vintage trailers. 
Here is one that the vendors used as a changing room. It was soooooo hot in Austin that week. This little trailer had air conditioning. Dixie had to pull me out by my hair cuz I didn't want to leave. 
 Here's the other side of the booth with the changing trailer. The teepee is made out of vintage lace and linens. Whoda thunk?
 Country Living had several staged areas where they showed off some 
fancy table top arrangements. 

The next couple of pictures are from a booth we thought was decorated awesome! It drew us in with the lights and the colorful poms. If you look closely you will see she used twig garland all over her tent canopy frame. 
Here is the same booth just a little closer. 
Well that was a little visit into the Country Living magazine fair through our eyes. 
Now we have to move on to planning our next show
which is in Puyallup, Washington on June 22 & 23
Oops almost forgot to mention that we will be at 
Farm Chicks on June 2 & 3 too. 
Hope you plan on coming if you are in the area!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Junk Salvation in TEXAS part 1

Goodness gracious great balls o' fire! Our Manor, TX show was so wonderful that we don't even know where to begin. The ghost town at J.Lorraine was a fabulous venue for all the great vendors and their funky junk! We posted a few pics from the weekend....but we have so many more so we will be doing a couple of posts on it.

Our vendors were so over the top talented. We were completely blown away 
by their displays and their vintage products. The old building facades truly added to the ambiance of the event. Take a look for yourself....

Thanks to Lettuce Turnip for graciously coming to take pictures and sharing them! 

 We had live music throughout each day and an open air saloon with the best burgers and beer you ever did try! The beer was a much needed libation cuz the sun was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! It truly was a fun filled country fair atmosphere with plenty for all to do, see and buy! 

 The picture below is one of our favorites. It was taken by Billie of All In White Austin. It was shortly after closing time and her lil' junksisters were cruzin' the grassy streets of the ghost town. Super cute!
We also got a chance to meet the fabulous Anne Lorys of Fiona and Twig. She also took some unbelievable photos of our event...which we learned will be in a major magazine...(more news on that later). We wish we could share some of those pics but you'll just have to grab a copy of the magazine to see them. 

We also visited the Country Living Fair in Austin. We will cover that adventure in a post coming soon! 

Next up for us is THE FARM CHICKS show in Spokane, WA. 
You'll want to look for our little corner of the show. We'll have a huge booth with plenty of our TEXAS treasures for sale!!!

Til then sweet friends, 
Linda & Dixie