Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Save A Buck in Coeur d' Alene!

We just know ya'll are gonna love our next show. Our vendors have shown us and told us about all their great finds. They'll be hauling all the good stuff to CDA to present to you in the finest of fashion a junk-o-holic wonderland that we like to call a VINTAGE MARKET!

Just last week we visited with the 4th Ave Gals in Puyallup...they showed us some incredible pieces that they'll be bringin' along. We were drooling to say the least!!!! These girls junk and gather all summer long just to sell at our shows. They are always one of the busiest booths around, ya'll can tell it's their booth from the crowds and the laughter heard from across the room!!!

Here are a few pics from the visit...

OMG...can you believe the piece below?!!!! It's a home economics station from an old school!! Can you say....TO DIE FOR? You can't see them in the pic but this baby has the coolest wheels that move it around the room or the yard. The galvanized cabinets are actually bins, probably used to store flour and potatoes back in the day!!!
So you see, we know you can't always get to all the awesome sales, but our vendors can and do so we'll bring the funky finds to you...all under one big air conditioned roof!!! Don't miss it.

Print out the coupon above and bring it to the show to save a dollar on admission!

We are currently accepting applications for vendors at our Walla Walla, Wa and Puyallup, Wa shows. It's easy to apply...just click on the apply button at the top of the blog!

P.S. Don't forget The Barn House Boys are havin' their sale this weekend. It's a must see show!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Remembering Round Top Part 2

They do everything BIG in Texas and Round Top is no's the biggest show we've been to. We've bought so much cool stuff and come home with tons of wonderful ideas from our trips there. We try to incorporate all of Antique Week's awesomeness into each of our "Junk Salvation" shows. From the galvanized farm junk

to the elegance of sweet cement statues

Rustic burlap

to colorful carnival items

throw in a little vintage clothing too

We love to bring a bit o' Round Top to every city we visit.

That's us...bringin' ya'll fresh,

fabulous vintage, one city at a time!!

The line up for Coeur d' Alene, Idaho will be just as spectacular

as any show we've done. We are excited for it and are

counting down the days til then, just 17 more to go!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Vintage Charm From Round Top Part 1

Dixie came across these pics today from our trip to Round Top. We weren't sure if we had ever shared them with you so here ya'll go...make sure you take plenty of time to study them carefully. You won't want to miss a THING!!!

You don't have to go to Round Top to see beautiful things like this, all you have to do is come to one of our shows and we'll do the rest!

Our next stop is Coeur d' Alene, Idaho August 6th!

Watch for Part 2 Round Top soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flea Market Bedroom Designs

Pallets are everywhere, you don't even have to go to a flea market to find them. Above is a great idea for a headboard. The simple rustic look of the pallet somehow looks beautiful against the whites !

Looking for a fun, quirky, inexpensive nightstand? Here's your answer.

Flea Markets are full of ruffles and rust like the photo above. You just gotta open your mind and let the market trigger your imagination. There are ideas everywhere!

Somehow the chandelier below heightens the elegance factor in this otherwise basic room.

Fabrics old and new are easily found at a flea market. How fun would it be to use various patterns for pillow covers on your bed like the photo below? LOVE the chalkboard drawing on the wall!

In this photo they used saw horses and possibly and old door for the desk. The glass on top creates the perfect work surface.

At our last couple of shows we've had a vendor with old sign letters, he's got tons of them in all shapes and sizes. We bought a few for ourselves and have used them in various ways. The idea below is EXCELLENT! What a great way to ad whimsy and interest to a wall!

Remember our next Junk Salvation Vintage Flea Market is August 6th in Couer d' Alene, Idaho. It's at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. Doors open at 8am for early buying and close at 4pm. It's only a one day sale and we won't be back there again until next year so you better make plans NOW to attend. Tell all your junk buddies too cuz ya'll we have a blast searchin' thru the treasures we and our vendors have compiled just for you! Besides CDA is a wonderful resort town and you'll have no problem finding things to do, Art in The Park is the same weekend! Ya'll will have so much fun that you and your gal pals will need a vacation after this trip!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Table Talk With FJS #1

Us Junk Sisters love to head over to Mom's house for some "table talk"! Mom is a magazine/design book hound. She has tons of them. It's a blast for Funky Junk Sisters #1 (Mom),#2 (Linda), #3 (Dixie)and #4 (Patty) to gather round her kitchen table for some creative inspiration. Mom will pile all the books and magazines in the middle of the table for all of us to read. She'll have an endless pot of coffee ready and we'll grab at the pile. What we actually do is look through the pics and exclaim out loud when we find something cool or useful to us. Then we shout out the idea and show the pic to all. From there we'll add our own touches by elaborating on the concept. Many a funky idea has come from gab sessions like these!

Here are a few of our favorites.

Invite some girlfriends over today for some "table talk", you just never know what fabulous ideas you'll come up with.

Til next time....

Linda & Dixie

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Painting The Outside of The Vintage Santa Fe Trailer/ Before & After Pics!

Goodness! It's been a week since we've written...shame on us! Here's what we've been doin'. Paintin', Paintin' and more paintin'! The Sante Fe got a new windows and a coat of paint this week. Yeah, she's been a busy gal...we've been pamperin' her for her big debut at our "Junk Salvation" Market in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. It's only one month away! Junk Sistas, have you made your plans with your favorite gal pals to attend? We expect all you Farm Chicks to be there since it's in your back yard. CDA, Idaho is just a short 30 minute drive from Spokane, WA. It's already been a month since the Farm Chicks Show so we're guessin' you are just about ready for another one!

Anyways...back to the Santa she is on the day we brought her home. She's lookin' pretty tattered with the broken windows. The Funky Junk Fam thought we were nuts, but it wouldn't be the first time! Tee hee!

Here's her back end before.Her front door before...the bondo looks horrid.Next is a picture of the first stages of painting.The cool Santa Fe emblem.Then....whaaaalaaaaa! Some pics of her sporting her new diggs!What a transformation! The door looks spectacular. Wouldn't you agree?Here she is from the front. The aqua stripe suits her well. Her appliances inside are aqua too. We'll have more pics of the inside soon. Gotta get back to work...we're fixin' up this trailer and another one, plus we're collecting tons of vintage stuff for the next show August 6th. We had better get our junkin' booties in gear! Wait til you see the vendors we have lined up for the CDA show...we'll announce them soon. They are awesome!