Friday, August 28, 2009

Vintage Jewels

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to find a jewelry box full of vintage treasures at a garage sale. A very polite man was in charge of the sale and we didn't see a woman around...we wondered what kind of a glamorous woman would have worn such beautiful sparkly things. In today's world woman dress much more casual, but that doesn't mean that we don't want the sparkle around us! We began searching for ideas on how to surround ourselves with the BLING! Here you go .... We did borrow a mink stole from Funky Junk Sister #1's collection, this is what we might have to do with it!

This is a sweet idea and it won't take much work.

You would have to have a very large collection of jewelry to pull this off, we love the look.

Here is a simple way to brighten a friends day. Send them a beautiful card with a touch of glamor.

It's the weekend and summer is almost over, you better get out there and catch some of the last sales of the season!


  1. Love the sparkly jewels,what a fun find! Just wanted to say thanks for letting us know about your upcoming show. We would love to participate, but will not be able to this time. Please keep us in mind for you next one though!
    Happy day!

  2. I love them all, especially on the bottles.

  3. Beautiful ideas for vintage jewels............which I love, love, love!!

  4. Oh thank you for some wonderful ideas for blinging things up!! =)

    Hope you have a wonderful time at your show... if I win the lottery before that, I'm coming over for it - lol!! ;o)