Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lovely Blooms - Thanks For Sharing!

A fan shared these photos with us the other day. She bought this tumbling pots planter from Garden Gatherings,a vendor at our last FJS show. She filled them with lovely blooms and now they look fabulous! She also bought this darling basket from them, there's nothin like flowers to brighten your day! Thanks Patricia for sharing!

The applications keep coming in for our "Junk Salvation" show October 15 & 16th in Puyallup, WA. We have some of the most fantastic vendors applying... hope you have marked it in BIG RED LETTERS on your calendar!!!!
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Junk Salvation

We know you are all wondering what "junk salvation"'s the same as our Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market but it's our touring version of it! Soon you will see our little vintage travel trailers on the road looking for our next junk stop...will it be your town? We have been busy getting our little babies ready for the ride! Here is Berneice with a sparklin new coat of white paint.
Today she'll earn,,,ur...get her stripe! (We'll post pics of that soon.) Berneice is outfitted with her Trav L Bar and the cutest little battery operated blender you ever did see. We have nicknamed her the "Travelin Martini Lounge"! She's almost ready to hit the road.
Monroe has a ways to go. She's been carefully gutted and she'll be new from the inside out. It will take a bit more time to get her ready...but you can never rush a woman of her quality!

When we're done with her she'll be as fabulous as her namesake. Just wait and see.

Make sure you "like" our new facebook fan page "Junk Salvation" it will give you all the details as they happen!
Oh, and remember...if it doesn't say Linda & Dixie behind it, it ain't the Funky Junk Sisters!!!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GIVEAWAY!!! Yep, that's right... GIVEAWAY!!!

This GIVEAWAY is now Closed!
Over the past year we have met some AMAZING people! When we were contacted by the ever so talented Heather Hansen to do a GIVEAWAY... we thought HECK YA! Heather is designing some special necklaces just for us JUNK SISTERS! Checkout what she has made for you!

Wouldn't you love to be the winner of this beautiful pendent?!!!

Well, that is not the only thing we are giving away... How about one of our NEW Logo Tanks?! Yep... the one you all have been asking for!

This GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED! The winner is Jan of Punchy's Life and Imagination! Thank you to everyone who posted about the giveaway!

Here are the RULES...
Post about this giveaway on your blog, Facebook or Twitter profile right away, then come back here and leave a link to your post here in the comments on this giveaway post. One entry per blog, Facebook or Twitter account. If you have both a blog, Facebook and a Twitter account, you can enter for each one. Contest ends Sunday night. The winner will be announced next Monday.

Please, visit Heather on her etsy site. Have fun and we can't wait to see who WINS!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Day Dreaming!

(This pic is out Dixie's window over looking the farm!)

This is what it looks like in the Pacific Northwest today (June 21, 2010)! Isn't it suppose to be the first day of Summer? Days like this has us Day Dreaming!
What do you day dream about?


Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market

The fam loved the unexpected picnic yesterday! It was a nice retreat from everyday office duties! Today we were lookin thru photos of our May show. We decided to post some for you because we think you too need a retreat from everyday life sometimes...

Please enter the world of Funky Junk Sisters Style.

Bringin you the best of the best "junkers"!

We so enjoyed havin some of the "Sisters on the Fly" at our show. They spent the night in our parkin lot and set up wonderful displays for our shoppers to experience.

These ladies aren't kiddin when they say they have the most fun!!

We are so grateful to our friend Sue Whitney of Junkmarket Style. She did a fabulous job at our vendor seminar!

Filthy Farmgirl soaps. Yummy fragrances!

Wonderful treasures and design to be found everywhere!

Here we unveiled out new "Junk Salvation" logo.

All of our vendors participated in our charity event, "Drop Your Change to Change a Life".

Watch this blog for more pictures of our May show.
Don't forget to mark your calendars for the next one, October 15 & 16,2010!

PoWer to tHe JUnkPeOpLe!!!

Thank you to SBeals Photography for the excellent photos of our event!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pampering My Family

I posted this picture on facebook. This is what the parking lot outside my husband's office window looked like yesterday afternoon. It reminded me of a January day but it was actually June 15th! We were surprised with a huge hail storm. Only in Puyallup apparently...since people told me it was beautiful and sunny in Tacoma! Today's weather is a bit better but it is still on the cool side. I actually turned the heat on in the house and decided it was a good day to make something warm for my family to eat. It's just my hubby and I at home but our son, Jesse, works for the family business. I decided since it is June we should really be thinkin bout sunshine and picnics, not furnaces and hail storms! I made some cheddar broccoli soup and some freshly baked biscuits for my boys at the office. I wanted to deliver a hot meal to warm them up.

I pulled out my trusty picnic basket (I use it for everything) as the smell of the baking buscuits filled the house. My homemade surprise needed to be delivered in style...vintage style of course!

I'm off to pack the car up. I will let you know how they like it tomorrow!

Linda FJS#2

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Funky Junk Sister #1's Garden Tour

We have spent the last two weekends at Mom's place. She is a wonderful hostess. She has a fresh pot of coffee waiting each morning and prepares a bountiful breakfast for all of us. We sit at her table visiting, eating and planning out the day. The view from her dining room is of her lawn and's truly stunning. The hard work she puts into it pays off when she has visitors and she loves we are inviting you in, like one of the sisters for a tour of her garden. We just love this milk basket, we were with her when she found it. She added her magic to it with a mound of pansies.
"Robby the Rooster" greets you as you enter her front yard. Each year she changes it up a bit with her choice of flowers.

This oil can is a recent purchase from our latest Funky Junk Sisters Show. It looks fabulous hanging from a tree in her front yard.

Every where you turn she has another surprise, aka "junk" for your eyes to feast upon.

She uses this bed as a trellis for climbing vines.

This barn is her newest pride and joy. she's been dreamin on how it should be painted... what do you think?
We hope you enjoyed your tour of Mom's garden! Next time you are in Spokane give us a holler, we'll meet you over there and personnally walk the grounds with you. Mom will be happy to have a visitor and she'll make you a good ol' cup of joe!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Funky Junk Bride!

Stephanie Beals of S Beals Photography captured some of the cutest most original photographs from our Funky Junk Sisters Show! We just love em! Ya'll take a looksie for yourself.... Here is the gorgeous bride in front of sister #79's little trailer. Stephanie appropriately titled this pic "Trailer Trash". Looks like she had to rope her man in!
We bet any man will do just about anything this gal wants...don't you?

This must be the honeymoon get-a-way car....ur, or truck, of course!

A gals gotta get gussied up for her man!

Oh! And she can cook!

The perfect wedding portrait.

The honeymoon suite, courtesy of Today's Country Store.

Thanks Stephanie for the Honky Tonk Wedding photos. It was so much fun having you and your funky junk bride at our show!
Please check out Stephanie's photos at

Friday, June 4, 2010

We are heading to's Farm Chicks weekend!

We'll be there, will you? If you can't make it watch our facebook fan page (Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market) we'll be posting pics and videos for you. We can't wait to shop, but we do have some work to do while we are there. A production company has asked us to do a video for a new TV show coming to the US from the UK, plus we will be blogging from the show for a couple of sites too! Wish us luck! If you see us there, make sure you say Howdy and show us your fabulous finds. You never know, maybe you'll make it on TV!