Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vendor Spotlight Katrinas Cookie Creations

We are so excited to have Katrinas Cookie Creations joining us at our next 
Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Market 
in Puyallup, Washington on June 26th and 27th. 
That's right! It's just a month away!!!! 
If you ever need a unique gift for someone...look to Katrina. 
She creates some of the cutest sweet treats around...
sure to pick up anyones spirits!
Come see her at our show and grab some special goodies 
for every JuNkEr on your list!

Don't forget our early bird tickets are on sale now! 
If you purchase online rather than at the door, you will get in at 5:30pm rather than 6! 
Click here to purchase. 
Come see for yourself why 
Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Markets
 are named one of 
America's Top 25 Fleas in 2015!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Early Bird/Girls Night Out Tickets Available For June 26!

Come see for yourself why we've been named one of 
America's top 25 Fleas in 2015.

Don't miss the biggest JUNK party of the year! Remember we have added a second level of shopping!! Two floors of the most FAB JuNk ! Be still my heart! 
It will be here before ya'll know it so gather up your best junkin pals and meet us
 in Puyallup, Washington on June 26 & 27th! 
Wanna get in before the crowds? Early bird tickets are on sale now...
Just click HERE to purchase them online
and you get in 30 minutes earlier than peeps that pay Friday night at the door!!!
Yeah, you read that right...5:30pm instead of 6pm!!
Let the JuNk PaRtY begin!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Like Big Cups!

This is on the "coffee cup" cabinet in the kitchen...what more can we say?

Friday, February 27, 2015

The BIG Reveal (painting a little tykes car tutorial)

The other day when we were at the local thrift shop with Funky Junk Sister #1 (aka Mom) we found this old discarded Little Tykes/Step 2 car. It was only $1.99
 so we snatched it up real fast! We weren't quite sure what to do with it 
so we went cruising on Pinterest to see if others had any ideas. 
We found a whole bunch of  "Pimp my Coupe" ideas!

Here's the before picture. We knew it was gonna be for this little guy, 
he watched the whole process from the screen door.

We wanted our coupe to be purple since we all are BIG Washington husky 
fans around here. 
We used regular spray paint with a primer first. 

Here's the BIG reveal...

We used a white paint pen to paint on the grill and the license plate. The tail lights were painted with our Funky Junk Sisters Paint in "red wagon" color. 
For the final touch we painted the hubcaps gold. We did put a clear coat 
on the paint pen and the tail lights to protect them. 
The WOOF decal and the musical key ring came from the Husky bookstore. 

In this picture you can see the "woof" gas cap. 
We used a button pin for it and we just super glued it on.
He loves it!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lust For Rust

It's amazing how a little rust will make our hearts skip a beat. 
Take for instance this bucket of rusty bed springs to the average eye 
they see dirty old junk but we see...



And this...
Need we say more?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

White Painted Furniture Is Beautiful.

I spent most of yesterday painting furniture. Let's face it, I'm getting older, my hands go numb, I get stuck in a crouching position and I can't get back up! Seriously, it takes me days to recoop....but there is nothing like seeing the finished masterpiece. That is when I remember why I love pieces painted white. They are so fresh, like a breath of spring air. 
Our Funky Junk Sisters Paint is the perfect paint to use,
 and our "ice cream" color is the perfect color of white. 


The contrast to painted walls is spectacular.

See what I mean.

Always so bright and cheerful. Believe me we need that in the Pacific Northwest.

Crisp and clean.

But not all things have to be white, color is fun too.
We  have plenty of painted furniture in all colors at our shows and if you can't wait 
for our vintage market then you can paint your own with
 our Funky Junk Sisters Paint. You can order it online here.
By the way, since I am the older sister, what I say goes, so I have decided to make 
Dixie do all of the painting from now on!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bringin' back memories with a loud bang.

A few years back we went camping with our family. At most campgrounds you have bathroom/shower buildings, pretty typical. This campground had wooden screen doors on each entrance to the dormitory style bathrooms. I glanced at them and thought they were functional,they served a good purpose; to keep the bugs out. My granddaughter said to me as we were exiting one afternoon, "these doors shut loud". 

Her observation reminded me of the wooden screen door we had at our house and how it slammed shut every time someone came through. Hearing that sound again took me back to a time when my house was bustling with three boys coming and going. I would hear the "bang" when the kids came home from school and knew the house would come alive with activity from a day of being idle. When the boys were teens I knew if they made curfew, the door's hinges squeaked just enough to wake me up (no matter how hard they tried to shut it quietly). That comforting squeak let me know they were home safe. That door announced the arrival of friends, the return of a child wanting a brownie and the presence of a husband coming home from a long day's work. 

Our screen door was painted white and showed gentle wear around the handle and on the frame where it fit a little snug. It had been abused by the cats and dogs so we nailed chicken-wire on the outside bottom to protect it. As the years went on and the kids moved away it was showing it's age but I just couldn't take it down. No this door couldn't come down, it stood as a worn out guardian at our front porch entrance, bidding welcome to all that entered.

Linda FJS#2