Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Post On Doors

A while back we posted about vinyl lettering, well here is another suggestion for it. We were blog browsing yesterday and came across this nifty idea at Thrifty Decor Chicks blog. ! Here is a before shot of her garage door....blahhhhh

Here is the after shot! Hallelujah!! This could really change your mood as you walked in the door, don't cha think? You wouldn't have to do this on a garage door, a front door would look good with it too.

Sarah, the thrifty decor chick, got her inspiration from this picture. We can totally see the house number thing on the front door even if you lived in a condo or an apartment. Super idea! Thanks for sharing with us Sarah.


  1. great tips! Thanks for visiting me the other day...Hope to see more of you in future! xo!

  2. I LOVE this idea!! I want to paint that saying all over the house. Lol!

    Ahhh...yes, good 'ol Dixie, a possible horse for me. Maybe I should get two and name the other Linda? She can be your mascot. Lol! :)


  3. Very cute idea, I love the numbers on the door especially and I am going to do that!

    I don't know where else to comment, but I am very disappointed with the entrance fee to your upcoming show in October. I absolutely loved your show in June and purchased over $100 worth of merchandise. I thought the $3 bucks was totally worth it. Now it is $10 to get in the doors when it opens? And five if you want to go late? I have been to some great shows this summer and this has by far been the most expensive. Just wondering why the price jumped from your very first show to your second? I went with 4 other girlfriends and this is definitely enough of a jump to really not come, which makes me sad. I know you will have a great show and that people will probably pay that price. For me, I am just disappointed.

    Thanks for listening, this is not hate mail by any means.


  4. I've got the paint and the numbers, now I just need to get started. This is one of the best before and afters I've seen.

  5. That's so funny - I became inspired by Sarah and the picture she posted of her inspiration and just completed the project myself :) I love this site as well and the many 'fabulous places to visit' you provide :)

  6. My sister has a saying, 'BREATHE....You are home', on her living room wall. It would look great on the door though.