Friday, April 3, 2015

Early Bird/Girls Night Out Tickets Available For June 26!

Come see for yourself why we've been named one of 
America's top 25 Fleas in 2015.

Don't miss the biggest JUNK party of the year! Remember we have added a second level of shopping!! Two floors of the most FAB JuNk ! Be still my heart! 
It will be here before ya'll know it so gather up your best junkin pals and meet us
 in Puyallup, Washington on June 26 & 27th! 
Wanna get in before the crowds? Early bird tickets are on sale now...
Just click HERE to purchase them online
and you get in 30 minutes earlier than peeps that pay Friday night at the door!!!
Yeah, you read that right...5:30pm instead of 6pm!!
Let the JuNk PaRtY begin!