Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't forget about the Dollar Store.

Shopping at a dollar store is an experience similar to a treasure hunt. Among the aisles of ceramic figurines, inflatable toys and churro-flavored Bugles, there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

These adorable mini mirrors hang in our bathroom, they were purchased at The Dollar Store.

In this picture you can see the detail of the etching.

The key to dollar-store decorating is getting lots of goodies to mix with other fancy items. Use your finds thoughtfully. Everyone has that scarf we love that we picked up at the Thrift Store. When we wear it, we mix it with our favorite designer jacket. Decorating with dollar store items is the same idea. It's not going to look cheap in your home if you mix it with more sophisticated pieces.
These glass tea containers were also purchased at The Dollar Store as well as the trays hung on the wall below.
Now get out there and discover your nearest Dollar Store, you might be surprised at what you'll find!


  1. You've inspired me! Now I want to leave work and go shopping! ~Mindy

  2. You are awesome and so REAL what a blessing, Erin

  3. Hey Linda it's me Wendy. Amy was so kind to
    get me started on this bloggin thing. Will ya
    add me to yours my dear???? Thanks W