Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recycled Lighting

Cute huh?

This one is made of recycled yogurt cups.

Cocktail umbrellas, FUN!

What a clever use for old slides.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We went gaga over this funky coffee pot when we saw it at a garage sale. It's perfect for Berneice (our rollin martini lounge/aka vintage trailer). Gotta tell ya it makes the BEST marketspice tea! Ya'll gotta try it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ya'll want to join us at our "Junk Salvation" show for a GENUINE GLAMP CAMP? Bring your vintage trailer and stay the night with fellow JUnKSisTErs on Friday October 15th.

You'll attend our breast cancer awareness fundraiser and the festivities afterward in our very own glampground! Beware cuz there will be a whole lotta hootin and a hollerin going on (could mean not much sleep!)
We'll even crown the 1st annual "TRAILER TRASH QUEEN".
All you gotta do to reserve your spot is send us an email at HURRY cuz their is very limited availability!!!

Below is a pic from some trailers that camped at our show last year...aren't they the sweetest things?
Don't take too much time to think about it, these spots will go fast! It will be a perfect weekend with just the girls, fundraising for a great cause and especially
GOOD JUNKIN!!!!!We'll see ya'll there!

Linda & Dixie

Friday, September 17, 2010

The BIG 100!

We have hit the 100 booths mark! This is our Biggest show ever!!!

You will not want to miss this... help spread the word. Tell all your friends, family, and whoever else you think would love to come shop til you drop!

Let us know that you blogged, facebook, myspace and twittered about our show... we have a little something for you! Leave a comment with the link and we will enter you in for our giveaway!

We are so excited to reveal to you our list of vendors for

"Junk Salvation" October 15 & 16, 2010

"Junk Salvation" is a two-day event that features over 80 antiques dealers

and farmers' market vendors, plus thousands of visitors

looking for unique country finds and treasures.

The keen-eyed junker will find everything from a graphic quilt to a 1950s toy tractor,

plus plenty of cool junk in between.

We don't charge for parking and the laughs are free!

Make your plans to attend today!

Check back often, we will update this list daily.

Anna B
Cottage Caboodle
Blue Ewe
Bugaboo Vintage Design
Chicks Gone Wild
Prim Works
4th Avenue Gals
Bobbie's Antiques
Great Harvest Bread
Kiwi and Kiki
Michelle McClinn
Isabella's Blue
Today's Country Store
The Quiet Nest
Just Because Antiques
Whimsical Whites
Southern Charm
Sandy's Geranium Cottage
The Funky Junk Sisters
Cottage Anitques
Spoiled Silly Boutique
Timeless Treasures
Simply Handmade
Feather Your Nest
Feathered Nest
Heather Hansen Designs
The Garden Cat
Blue Moon Collectables
Ida and Daughters
Titusville Trading Company
Garden Party
Junky Attic
Le Creme Couture
Nest Vintage Home and Garden
OstfriesenTrading Company
Simply Irresistible Cakes and Desserts
The Proctor Cottage
Lingering Legacy
Tiny Dogs Swanky Threads
Rebecca Crowe
The Treasure Box
The Vintage Coupe
Sweet Bee
Iron Mountain Rustics
Drunkin Sailor Vintage Curiosities
Vintage Bella Studio
Junkyard Gypsys
Faded and Worn
Perry's Place
Brocanteur Vintage
Vintage Market
Recycle Junkie
French Bull Dog Antiques
Spirited Hands
The Pickle Patch
Second Star Designs
Dress That Nest
Green Acre Gals
Island Chicks
Whimsical Details
Sweets, Treats, & Designs
Crystal Bella
Auntie M's Merchantile
Junk Dreams
A Few Little Blessings
The Rody's
Wood & Whimsey
Shauna Rossio
House of Six Cats
LuRay Collection
The Classic Farmhouse

We are going to have some fun!


Dixie & Linda

The Funky Junk Sisters

Monday, September 13, 2010

No Kidding!

The other day I visited with a friend at her barn. We had such a nice time together. She loves antiques and had some cool junk in her barn for sale. I did come home with a few things including... this phone.
It has been sitting in my back seat for a few days now. So I'm driving down the road and all of a sudden this phone rings!! I kid you not! At first I dismissed it by thinkin the vibration from the car made it ring. I grabbed it from the back seat and shook it to see if I could make it ring that way. No ring. So I throw it back into the back seat, thinkin I was just a little crazy and it was a fluke. Then it rings again...and again! BAZZZZAAAARRR!! I even tried to answer it thinkin some spirit must want to speak to me. Nobody there.
So there it sits still in my car, continuing to ring randomly and freakin me out! I only hope it is a good spirit or perhaps the Junk Gods lettin me in on the next big haul!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Excuse Us While We Primp...

for an important interview. Not quite sure what is in store with this, but wish us luck! More details later.
On another note, we would like to announce that we now have more junk dealers in our October show than we have had in any previous shows! This "Junk Salvation" event is on fire and ya'll aren't gonna wanna miss it. Early shoppin starts at 6pm on Friday Oct 15th. Here you'll get to be the first to shop our "cool" junk and drink martinis with the girlz! Sounds like a perfect night doesn't it? Well that's not all that's goin on... you'll also be helpin us kick breast cancer to the curb. Yeah that's right! We'll have door prizes and raffles to raise money to save the ta tas!!!
Get on board our junk train, everybody's ridin it!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Gettin Ready To Tailgate

OK so ya'll know my original intention for Berneice was to "tailgate" with her at my son's football we have driven her down here and we're gettin her ready. BUT first we have to take care of business stuff. Dixie and I consider ourselves pretty web savy but neither one of us has used Skype much so we are tryin to figure it out. So far it has taken me 1 1/2 hours to figure out how to turn the webcam on!!! As of right now Berneice is my mobile office and let me tell ya...she's not equipped with air conditioning! Can you say toasy warm, sweat drippin off my brow kinda crap. Anyways...Dixie and I have an important video interview to do and droopy hair isn't gonna cut it! Now because I have been workin on this computer for nearly two hours, I'm gettin easily distracted. From here I can see the fun sign I picked up junkin today. Not too shabby for 75cents! It looks cute above the trailers fridge.

Oh and look at this, are we ready for football or what?

Guess I'm officially done workin for the day cuz I just glanced over and saw the Trav L Bar and a martini is callin my name...

Take care junk sistas!