Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Austin Junk Salvation Show Vendor Profile

We love this gal! She's a fireball. 
Her name is Crystal and she loves collecting junk. 
She's so passionate about can feel it when you talk with her. 
Her love for vintage drives her business. Go check out her website here.
She's one talented lady that never stops workin'. (Reminds us of ourselves.) 

Don't cha just LOVE this funky green chair she created below? 

Right now she's at Round Top. If you get a chance go see her. Tell her you read about her on our blog...she's so busy right now she doesn't even know we did this! 

Come see Crystal Wiatrek at our Austin Junk Salvation show on April 27 & 28th!  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Save These Dates!!!

Save all the dates on the poster and here are a couple more for ya'll...October 5 & 6, 2012 we will be back in Hillsboro, Oregon....and November 9 & 10, 2012 we are in Puyallup, Washington again!!! 

Make your hotel reservations now!

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Just follow the directions on the poster.


Thursday, March 15, 2012



The FABULOUS Christina G Photography took these WONDERFUL pictures of our EVENT!

The themes change everytime with NEW inventory... 

Our VENDORs RocK! They know what you all want and they brought it.
Nearly selling out the first night! They went home and found more for the next day... 

Happy CUSTOMERS finding their FAVORITE find!

Don't cha just LOVE this dresser??!!

We have our JUNK mugs for sale!

We are ONLY Open the THIRD Weekend of the Month... Fridays 5-8pm & Saturdays 10am-4pm!
Guess What?? This is the THIRD Weekend of the Month! Come join us for an Extra Special Shopping EVENT!

Located at 802 N. 4th Street, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

NEXT up is Our JUNK SALVATION Vintage Market in AUSTIN, TEXAS! Will you be joining us?!

OH almost forgot!! If you are a vendor and want to do our Coeur d' Alene Idaho show at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds on August 4th we are accepting applications now, 
just click on the "application" button above.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Reader's Projects

Wow this fellow blogger knows how to put things together, here are pictures she sent to us of the vintage finds she uses in her own home. 

You can visit Terry's blog here. Make sure you leave her a comment and tell her the Funky Junk Sisters sent you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Reader's Projects

Earlier this year we asked our readers to submit their favorite junk projects to us. This was one of our's simple and just about anyone can do it. Don't you just love the sweet touches of yellow? It's like little beams of sunshine wakin' you up each morning. 
Awhhhhh, just a touch of happiness each day.
Thanks to Jenni Roseland for the submission. You can read how she did it here on her blog. 
If you have a favorite junk project and you want to share it...
send us your pics at 

Now we gotta get busy on our next show in Austin, TX. We still have a few vendor spots open, so if you want to join us click on the application button at the top!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Top Ten List of Flea Market Finds for 2012

Ya'll know us...we would much rather head to a flea market than to a mall so we thought we would give you the list we take with us 
when we head out to hunt and gather. 
Here goes....
1. Architectural Pieces.  Things like garden gates, mantels, old door and windows. These things never get boring...we always find new uses for anything unique. Right now we're searching for just the right old door to use as a divider to separate the office from the kitchen area. It must have a window to allow the light to shine through but enough wood to still keep it private.

image courtesy of the
2. Old Linens and hankies. Reuse them as pillows, or hang them in the window as a colorful valance.  Display them on a ladder or frame them to hang on the wall.

3. Anything Galvanized. Buckets, bins and old oil cans take on new life as light fixtures, planters and shelves. It a great way to add a touch of industrial to your home.

4. Vintage Game Boards. Perfect wall art. They are graphic and colorful and will look good in most any room. Group them.  They show beautifully as a collection with several on one wall.

5. Trophies. Tarnished and beautiful. They look charming lined up on a shelf or full of fresh flowers on the window sill.

6. Children's Chairs. Use them like pedestals to ad height to any display. Our mother uses one to store the bath towels in her bathroom.  We always love seeing and smelling her beautifully folded stack of freshly washed towels sitting in the just kinda says she cares.

7. Marquee Letters. You know we love these... our last several Junk Salvation shows have been full of them. They are great on a shelf, on a wall or fence, or even on the side of your garage. It's a great way to announce that someone important lives here!

8. Suitcases. Stack em, store in em and use them as a side table. They come in every hue and size imaginable, just remember to start with the larger ones on the bottom and work your way up!

9. Paper Ephemera. Old books, pictures, sheet music and love letters You can rework the delicate pages into flowers, wreaths and lamp shades. They truly have a story to tell.

image credit
10.  Toolboxes, caddies and totes. These items are as much at home outdoors as they are inside. Use them to organize things. Put extra wood pieces for the fireplace in a metal toolbox on the hearth or plant primroses in a wooden caddy for your outdoor table.

Remember always be on the lookout!

Power to the JuNKpEOpLE!
Linda & Dixie