Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tickets For Our Puyallup Show On Sale Now

Whooo Hoooo!! We've always had presale for the tickets BUT guess what? This time this ticket will get you in
30 minutes earlier than anyone else!!!!
This is also our annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser...
so this party will be full of PINK!!!
Ladies join us Friday night November 4th for some REAL girlie girl FUN!
To purchase the tickets all you have to do is click on "SHOW" at the top of the blog.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Vendor Profile... Forget Me Not Dreams

We just love the gals of "Forget Me Not Dreams". They travel the country, rambling around finding all the cool junk from all the cool places. They love all things Vintage, Cottage and Shabby. Anything with chippy paint, rusty edges, vintage linens, lace and pink roses are their favorite. Here's their set up at Farm Chicks. 
See! We told you they had Funky Fun Stuff. When you come to our Puyallup and Hillsboros shows...Forget me not dreams' booth is one you won't want miss!!!
Hope ya'll are gatherin' up the biggest vehicle you can find to bring to Puyallup,cuz you and your junk posse are gonna need it to haul all your great finds home!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Swimsuits

At our CDA, Idaho show one of our vendors was kind enough to let us use a vintage swimsuit that belonged to her hubby's grandma. We dressed one of our manneqins in it. This vendor had rescued it from the trash pile after grandma died...all the other relatives thought she was crazy for keepin' it. We've all been accused of that, now haven't we? It was similar to the one below.
When we got home, we did a little research on seems swimsuits of this vintage are worth around $250! Now who's the CRAZY one? Sheesh!!

These old ads make us want to buy a jantzen! Glamour all the way, baby!

Here's something a bit newer, cute huh?

Ok...we had to keep it a bit real here with the pic below, not everyone is a bathing beauty.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Step Up Your Decorating....With Ladders

You know you've seen tons of these old ladders at garage sales and thrift stores. Here's some great ideas for simple decorating with them. Love the one below...a great way to express a holiday sentiment. This could just as easily say love, snow or fall. Quilts are an awesome way to add color to any room. Why not display them altogether on a ladder?

The votives in the jars look as if they are floating in the air. What a FAB way to add a little twinkle to a party!

Another outdoor display idea...hang a vintage basket on a ladder and fill it with greens for the holidays. We're lovin' the burlap bow!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Colorful Cakes!

Here's a fun way to celebrate any occasion! Cupcakes in a jar! We saw this on the "Running With Glitter" blog. Check out the site at, she gives an awesome tutorial on how to make them.

P. S. Junk Sistas
We are sorry to announce that we are cancelling the Walla Walla, Washington show. We just couldn't get enough quality vendors to make the show as awesome as we wanted and we didn't want to disappoint our shoppers! So now it's on to Puyallup. It's the biggest one we do and the biggest one in Western Washington...remember we'll be doing our girls night out save the date now!! November 4th from 6-9pm, ya'll will be able to buy your tickets early online. If you can't make it Friday night don't panic, we'll have shopping on Saturday too from 10am to 4pm.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

And We Had Fun...

Our glamping/tailgating weekend started out at Funky Junk Sister #3 lake place, where we did a lotta boatin', bbqing and a bunch o' family fun! Here's Mackie one of Dixie's little ones gettin' her game face on the day before.
After all the water fun on Friday we headed on to Pullman to set up our Bengal tailgate. We dressed up the trailer in all kindsa black and orange.
We had quite a crowd in our junksisters really know how to entertain...even if it is redneck style.
How'd that cougar fan get in the pic? Nah...that's a bro in law having some fun. The gal with him is Suzie, she brought some delish pies for dessert.
Below parents of a Bengal player and a sister that went to WSU. We sure did have alot of those cougars hangin' out with us!
Here's the reason we all came...JT. It's interesting being a parent of a player. You spend a whole lotta time and money going to the away have a ton of fun, but the person that really makes all of it happen, the player, doesn't get to be a part of the festivities. Of course they play in the game, but all the pregame and post game activities are done without them. We always thank our son on the phone for bringin' all of us together. We try to describe all the fun we are having because of him. The only time you actually get to see him is immediately after the game when they are loading onto the buses heading off for the airport, like the pic below. So that's what we do...we wait at the buses just to get a chance to see him.
He did make the front of every sports page in the state of Washington.
My sweet Funky Junk niece, Heather, took some awesome pics at the game. She's just started in the world of photography and shes doing a fabulous job so far. Thanks Heather for the pics!

Ok gotta go now, we'll be on the road again, drivin' 11 hours, to watch a game. Wish us luck!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

We're heading on the east side,,,

That's right we've loaded up all of the FAM and were taking off on a real fun adventure. We are going GLAMPING!!! Now if you asked our hubbys where we are going they would have a different answer for you.
They think we are going to a football game....well we are, but leave it to Dixie and I to find a way to turn tailgating into glamping!!!
We're drivin' to Pullman, Washington to see Idaho State play the Cougs with our vintage trailers in tow. My youngest son starts out his senior season playin' Washington State and we're gonna glamp in the RV parkin' lot!!!!
We'll be firing up the grill to cook up some pork tenderloin, burgers and bratz. Plenty of libations, including Grandma's Beer Ball Punch with be served. Sounds good doesn't it? Tons of family are taggin along so we are bound to have a good time and make a few memories (good or bad).
Idaho State is the underdog and we love to root for the underdog! That's what we'll be doing on Saturday...cheering for the underdog and screamin' for my boy! It always amazes me how loud and obnoxious I can be when one of my kids are on the field. I tend to think of myself as fairly reserved normally, but when it comes to football watch out The Junk Sisters are in the house!
If you'll be at the game we would love to have you join us. We'll put out the welcome mat for ya'll!
If your not gonna be a the us a favor and root for the underdog...and #35! They can use all the help they can get.
We'll take lots of pics and show em to ya'll when we get it's time to introduce the palouse to some real Funky Junk Sister's Vintage Style!!!
Linda FJS#2