Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Us Girlz Just Gotta Have "Junk Salvation"

Need a junk fix? We sure do... so we started lookin through some pics of our last event at GardenStone.
Don't cha just love the rustic burlap letter banner Dixie created? Whodda thunk old burlap and twine could look so fun? This would be a great way to celebrate a wedding, a birthday or maybe just use it as a cute decoration in a kid's room. Endless possibilities.

Those locker baskets were gone in a flash!

So much to look at!

Sweet vintage bottles waiting for new owners to embellish them.

Every gal needs a little junk salvation tee for dumpster diving...contact us today for yours!

Friday, August 27, 2010

About our show...

A lot of the vendors at our vintage market are stay-at-home moms who want to have a little business and still manage to stay at home with their kids.

You'll see them at garage and estate sales, local thrift shops and in the dumpsters lookin for that unique find to bring to the FJS show. They work hard for our shoppers... huntin and a picken!

Now here's our promise: We want our "Junk Salvation" Show to always feel welcoming and familiar and we work really hard to attract friendly dealers. We just couldn't imagine running the show any other way so we'll continue to visit antique stores, flea markets and shops to bring you the best vendors available. That's our guarantee, AND WE STAND BEHIND IT!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sorry that we haven't blogged much lately, we've been busy taggin our junk! We're gettin ready for The Funky Junk Sisters big RED TAG SALE at our "Junk Salvation" show.
The junksisters have been travelin all over and we've collected a whole lotta good stuff.
Now we are burstin at the seams in the warehouse and it's time to clear it out!
Here's the deal...ya'll are gonna wanna get there early cuz we are pricin this stuff to sell!!!!
Mark your calendar for October 15th and 16th in Puyallup at the "Junk Salvation" show
by The Funky Junk Sisters.
Friday night early buying at 6pm.
3600 9th St. SW
Puyallup, WA
(the old Ballys bldg at The South Hill Mall)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Junk Salvation "A" List! Are you on it? (updated)

Updated 9/17/2010

We are so excited to reveal to you our list of vendors for

"Junk Salvation" October 15 & 16, 2010

"Junk Salvation" is a two-day event that features over 80 antiques dealers

and farmers' market vendors, plus thousands of visitors

looking for unique country finds and treasures.

The keen-eyed junker will find everything from a graphic quilt to a 1950s toy tractor,

plus plenty of cool junk in between.

We don't charge for parking and the laughs are free!

Make your plans to attend today!

Check back often, we will update this list daily.

Anna B
Cottage Caboodle
Blue Ewe
Bugaboo Vintage Design
Chicks Gone Wild
Prim Works
4th Avenue Gals
Bobbie's Antiques
Great Harvest Bread
Kiwi and Kiki
Michelle McClinn
Isabella's Blue
Today's Country Store
The Quiet Nest
Just Because Antiques
Whimsical Whites
Southern Charm
Sandy's Geranium Cottage
The Funky Junk Sisters

Cottage Anitques
Spoiled Silly Boutique
Timeless Treasures
Simply Handmade
Feather Your Nest
Feathered Nest
Heather Hansen Designs
The Garden Cat
Blue Moon Collectables
Ida and Daughters
Titusville Trading Company
Garden Party
Junky Attic
Le Creme Couture
Nest Vintage Home and Garden
OstfriesenTrading Company
Simply Irresistible Cakes and Desserts
The Proctor Cottage
Lingering Legacy
Tiny Dogs Swanky Threads
Rebecca Crowe
The Treasure Box
The Vintage Coupe
Sweet Bee
Iron Mountain Rustics
Drunkin Sailor Vintage Curiosities
Vintage Bella Studio

Faded and Worn
Perry's Place
Brocanteur Vintage
Vintage Market
Recycle Junkie
French Bull Dog Antiques
Spirited Hands
The Pickle Patch
Second Star Designs
Dress That Nest
Green Acre Gals
Island Chicks
Whimsical Details
Sweets, Treats, & Designs
Crystal Bella
Auntie M's Merchantile
Junk Dreams
A Few Little Blessings
The Rody's
House of Six Cats
Wood & Whimsey
Shauna Rossio
LuRay Collection
The Classic Farmhouse

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Molly Mo's...

click on the pic to go to Molly Mo's blog!

The great Diane Kaser is putting on a show this weekend! You need to check it out! xoxo

Monday, August 16, 2010

Road Trip!

Ok so call me crazy, but as you know for the last 4 years I have been searchin for a vintage trailer, one we could take to my son's college football games. I thought how much fun it would be to tailgate in a cute little trailer?! Well in May I finally found it, it wasn't as old as I wanted it to be, but it suited my family well, a 1969 Aloha. It was a little bigger than I wanted, but that's cuz it has a bathroom (toilet only). Thank Goodness for that bathroom...do you know what it is like to get up in the cold of the night and try to run to the bath house to use the facilities? Let me tell ya'll, I have to stop and cross my legs a few times before I reach my destination, eeekkk! Alright, now back to my story...

I was so lookin forward to takin her to Pocatello,Idaho where my son goes to school. This past weekend hubby and I did just that. We drove the 700+ miles from Puyallup to get there. Hubby drove most of the way, he always makes it look so easy. I wasn't afraid of drivin it, after all I brought her home on the backroads all by myself.

After a few hours it was my turn to drive, hubs was gettin tired. We couldn't drive normal freeway speeds cuz it would sway if you went faster than 55 (this made for a very loooong trip). So I took my place behind the wheel and began my section of the trek. Holy Crap! BERNEICE SWAYED ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!! We were comin down the hill into Pendelton, Oregon when I thought I was gonna lose it. After tons of shoutin and screamin at hubby and him at me...I was ready to drop her and leave her there. Even after all that dreamin and searchin for 4 years, I was done and couldn't handle pulling it anymore.

Flashes went through my mind of puttin her on Craigslist and the difficulty of tryin to sell her when she was 5 hours from my home. Finally I calmed down and remembered that there were these things called sway bars (I have since found out that they are called weight distribution stabilizers). I needed one of those fast, in a town I wasn't familiar with. GOOD LUCK! We didn't have alot of time either cuz son had a scrimmage the next day and we still had to drive 7 more hours.

I got on my trusty I Phone and started searchin for an RV place. Finally I called Thompson RV and a nice man answered the phone. I explained to him that "I have this vintage trailer and it was pullin me all over the place!" Most men think I am crazy when I start talkin about "vintage" trailers, I expected him to be no different. But what I heard was, "I know just what you need my daughter and wife have vintage trailers! Bring it on in." He gave me directions to his establishment and told me to hurry up cuz his crew was gonna go to lunch in 20 minutes. Once again I pulled out my trusty I Phone and used the GPS to track Thompson's down. We made it just in time.

While Berneice was having her new accessory installed I got a chance to talk to Corrin (daughter) and her mother. And guess what...their cute little trailers were on display in the showroom of Thompson's RV. I was in heaven and took some pics to show you.
Corrin's trailer is a 1967 Aloha and is cute as a button.

Both mom and daughter are "sisters on the fly". Needless to say I enjoyed my little visit there, the sway bar was installed quickly and we were on the road again! I should also tell you that little bar made all the difference in the world. Now Berneice is a breeze to tow and I can keep her!!

P.S. Dixie did a fabulous show this past weekend, so we'll have pics of that for ya'll soon!

Happy Junkin Adventures!

Monday, August 9, 2010

This past weekend we went camping. At most campgrounds you have bathroom/shower buildings, pretty typical. This campground had wooden screen doors on each entrance to the dormitory style bathrooms. I glanced at them and thought they were functional,they served a good purpose; to keep the bugs out. My "soon to be" granddaughter said to me as we were exiting one afternoon, "these doors shut loud".

Her observation reminded me of the wooden screen door we had at our house and how it slammed shut every time someone came through. Hearing that sound again took me back to a time when my house was bustling with three boys coming and going. I would hear the "bang" when the kids came home from school and knew the house would come alive with activity from a day of being idle. When the boys were teens I knew if they made curfew, the door's hinges squeaked just enough to wake me up (no matter how hard they tried to shut it quietly). That comforting squeak let me know they were home safe. That door announced the arrival of friends, the return of a child wanting a brownie and the presence of a husband coming home from a long day's work.

Our screen door was painted white and showed gentle wear around the handle and on the frame where it fit a little snug. It had been abused by the cats and dogs so we nailed chicken-wire on the outside bottom to protect it. As the years went on and the kids moved away it was showing it's age but I just couldn't take it down. No this door couldn't come down, it stood as a worn out guardian at our front porch entrance, bidding welcome to all that entered.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Harvest Treasures!

We will be at Harvest Treasures! Come find us "JUNK SALVATION"
GardenStone Creations are going all out for this one!
If you haven't visited the store in Airway Heights??? This will be the time to do it!
See you next weekend!!!
~on another note~
Have we told you we love "YOU" lately?
Would you like a little bit more "JUNK SALVATION"?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Red Door Antiques: The Fine Print...

The Red Door Antiques: The Fine Print...: "With my Junk'n Gal Pal in tow...Janet & I are on our way to The World's Longest Yard Sale - The 127 Corridor Sale. Over the last few days, I..."

Hey Trish is doing a giveaway! Go to the link and do what she says... because her and her friend are having way to much fun!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In the past couple of days we have seen a couple of smart cars driving around the Tacoma area. Really nothing unusual but noticed one on our street just today...so we decided to research them a bit. We found this local piece of memorabilia as we searched. Smart car - Isetta 50 years ago, interestingly similar, don't cha think?On March 11, 1958, Miss Tacoma Home Show of 1958, Marilyn Ganes, was photographed leaning out of the front door of a BMW Isetta 300 parked near the Tacoma Totem Pole. The small car, quite an oddity with it's door that opened from the front where the engine normally would be, was introduced to compete with the Volkswagen "Beetle". The Tacoma Home Show presented its annual week long collection of new ideas for the homeowner at the College of Puget Sound Fieldhouse. Each year a new queen was selected as Miss Tacoma Home Show. Marilyn Ganes was 17 at the time of her selection; she was a junior at Franklin Pierce High School. Photograph ordered by National Home Shows, Inc. (TNT 3-16-58, A-1)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Twitter Anyone?

As you know us JUNK SISTERs like to be up to date on the whole social networking thing... and is asking "Has anyone really figured out TWITTER?" Do you know there are really famous people working their own twitter accounts? What about the whole RT@ thing? Follow Fridays? Do you know who is following you? and who you are following?

We do!!!
Just the other day Josh Kilmer-Purcell of The Fabulous Beekman Boys tweeted to follow us on Twitter! You better do what he says... it is only polite! Catch them on the PlantGreen channel! Also, they have a live goat cam!!! The goats are funny to watch... lol

FunkyJunkSister on Twitter!

If you want more tweets post your Twitter link on here!
We are more then happy to share!