Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We won! We won! We won!

Super sweet Debi Ward Kennedy has given us an award! Thanks Debi! We are so happy that you are a vendor and speaker at our show! Ladies, make sure you invite all of your friends to come meet her, the whole world needs to know about Debi and the beautiful things she creates! Believe us, you'll want one of everything in her booth!

Now back to the award.
The Rules:
1. List 7 things that you love.
2. Link to the person who has tagged you
3. Choose 7 more bloggers to give the Kreativ Blogger Award to.
4. Comment on those 7 blogs to let the recipients know you chose them.

Seven things we love:
1. Funky Junk Sister #1 our mother, for giving us the creative junkin spirit.

2. Sisters, because we can tell them anything and they'll listen without judging.

3. Our Children, because they bring all the joy to life... and some not so joyous things, but we get over those!

4. Our Husbands, they put up with all of our funky ideas and help us make them come true!

5.Weekends, to gather and hunt at garage sales & flea markets.

6. Kilz, it covers everything!

7. Redecorating! We are always up for a good room makeover!

8. Whoops we added one more, Margaritas! What would a girl do without them?

Ok so now to the friends we are giving awards to:

Serena and Teri at The Farm Chicks
Amy and Kris at Today's Country Store
All the Girls at Junk Fest
Kelli at The Graham Crackers
Michelle at Chocolate and Marmalade Tea
Melanie at My Sweet Savannah
Tiffany at Shabby Scraps

Make sure you check out all of their blogs, they are great inspiration to us!


  1. Congrats! You deserve it! I love your blog, it's so much fun!

  2. Congratulations on your award... I absolutely love your blog and wish we lived closer together, we would have so much fun together! And thank you, thank you for passing the award to us!! This is SO exciting! It's our first award!! We'll get together and get our list of seven things tomorrow and be paying it forward to some more of our favorites. Thanks again! Missy

  3. Hey Girls! How Super sweet of you to pass this award onto us!Thank you soooooo much!
    Amy and Kris

  4. Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!!!! Congratulations on getting the award too!! I can't tell you how excited I am to meet you both in June. :) I will post this on my next post!! THANK YOU AGAIN. :)

  5. What an honor for you to pass this award to me! I thank you so much, and I congratulate all the others you sent it to as well!
    xoxox, Tiffany

  6. Thanks for the comment and congratulations for your award as well! It'll be a blast to be back in Puyallup at your show!

  7. congratulations on your award! I'm pretty sure my list will be very similar to yours! Nice to meet you!