Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Talk about repurposing!

You know we love junk and we are always thinking of creative ways to reuse it. But I think this project takes the cake. Isn't this a beautiful chandelier?

Look closer........

It is made of old sets of eyeglasses!
Many of you love junk too. We want to hear some of your stories. What is the most creative thing you have made with a piece of junk?


  1. Wow!! I've made a lot of stuff out of junk... but nothing like this! That looks amazing. I don't know if I would have the patience for something like it... You would have to hit A LOT of thrift stores to find that many glasses.

  2. It does look like an awesome creation...but a little odd when you see it up close. Someone has a very creative mind and these glasses definitely did not go to waste.

  3. Love the chandelier soooo much! Thanks for sharing it! Looking forward to the show in June:)

  4. to date my favorite junk creation is a planter made from a wonderful old turquoise porcelain toilet my girlfriends rescued from the trashman & left on my lawn one day. the bowl is home to yearly plantings of pansies, and the tank is gloroius in trailing lobelia... leaving neighbors wither aghast with disapproval or in awe of it's beauty. however, not nearly as glitzy as this amazing chandelier.

  5. I just found this blog from a link for a sale on craigslist. This weekend I went to a garage sale and found a cute 1950's floor lamp without a shade. It is the style that takes those milkglass "bowls" that is held in by 3 screws then you just set a shade on top of the "bowl". Well for $2.00 I got it. Now here's where you need to think creatively. Since I had no shade or the milkglass inner shade, I took a large old mason jar turned it upside down, and put it over the bulb and screwed it in place. Then I needed a shade. So I had a box of give away stuff by the door and saw my large kitchen strainer(you know for spagetti and such) and thought, ok, turn it upside down on top of the ball jar and there it was! A complete funky lamp with a kitchen strainer for a shade! The light shines through the strainer holes!! Cute as can be!