Monday, April 20, 2009

Boise was a much needed mini vacation!

It was an absolutely glorious day for our trip to Boise, Idaho! The sun was shining and everyone was enjoying it. Including this family on these funny cycles.

The streets were full of people enjoying their lunches in sidewalk cafes. All the restaurants looked so inviting with umbrellas welcoming you to grab a bite to eat.

There were plenty of shops to discover too, like this one, Renditions, a lovely place full of tons of inspiration for junkers. We liked the motto on their window, LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE.
We came across this interesting shop, everything in it was pink including the carpet!

We chuckled when we saw what was inside...

Breast Cancer Awareness T shirts and accessories. Imagine a world without cancer!

A portion of every sale of ta-tas® Brand breast cancer shirts, accessories, and products goes to support breast cancer research and education. Here is a link to the website.
Wish you could have all been there with us!
D & L


  1. You girls are jus thaving too much fun! I've given you both a blog award - visit my blog to see:

  2. Adorable shop! I love that t-shirt. :)

  3. thanks for sharing your fun journeys and great finds with us!