Sunday, April 12, 2009

Top 10 flea-market finds to decorate with

1. Any retro kitchenware from the 50's is making a huge comeback.2. Enamelware from the 40's has become the new cool casual classic. They make great dishes for entertaining outdoors. They can easily be revamped to hide defects with color enamel paints and a sponge.
3. Glassware is omnipresent with several sought-after styles like: Vaseline glass, Fire-King Jade-ite glass, milk glass, depression glass, hand blown glass and even Jeanette glass from the 70's in iridescent colors are all hot items.

4. Anything wicker or rattan is back in style and is quite simple to revamp with a fresh coat of spray paint.
5. Trays and tin cans with vintage images and advertisements make great kitchen decor accents and collections.

6. Trunks and suitcases make original end tables and are wonderful for providing extra storage. Adding wheels on a large trunk creates a hip coffee table. Some look great in their natural state, with a good cleaning and an oil finish, others can be revived using wallpaper and fabrics to cover them, or by adding vintage decoupage.

7. Globes make sensational decor accents in a den, office or a child's bedroom.
8. Maps are great to use in decoupage projects for small table tops, lampshades, trays, walls or simply to frame.
9. Medicine bottles, especially in blue or green glass, are quite sought after to display as a collection, or as a single bottle with one flower added.

10.Tools and hardware are valued for their history, purpose, collection appeal and to display on walls especially at cottages. Findings like glass knobs, handles, and vintage hooks are best used to add to other flea-market finds.


  1. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing and hope you had a great Easter weekend :0)

  2. I love those dishes. Too bad it's so darn expensive!

  3. I LOVE the dishes!! I hope I find some cool stuff at your antique store! This time I won't have to haul everything home on an airplane. LOL! Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!

  4. I Love everything!!! Just beautiful...

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