Monday, April 6, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise!

This past Saturday was full of surprises. Dixie and I went out gathering and hunting. We answered a craigslist ad for old barn doors and this is what we found! Heather and Steve's house and it was full of all sorts of charming ideas. We just had to share them with you. They created this display above their front door for all to see when they enter. Can you tell the shelves are old ladders? Below is another shot with more of the door showing so you can get a feel for the height they have in their foyer.
This the living room. Darling, isn't it? The barn door hung on the wall is similar to the 3 we bought from them. Great idea. Notice the coffee table, it's an old door with legs, they kept the door knob on!

Heather makes these cute little primitive dolls. This one is sitting in a dry sink in her family room. She is so sweet. I think I'll call her Sally.

Steve is quite the idea guy. You can tell he loves old things. His eyes light up when he tells the stories about all of his finds. This is clever, he used old windows to hide the television set.

See I told you!
Thanks to Heather and Steve for being such good sports about allowing us to take pictures and post them for all of you.

We've got more to tell you about our adventures this past weekend....(we wound up with 2 trailers full) so check back.
Til next time!


  1. Love the idea of old windows covering the TV!! What an adorable place. :)

  2. love the bike in the loft!Sounds like you had my kind of weekend!Fun!

  3. Oh how cute is that!! I love the the shutters over the fireplace to hide the T.V.! I have to say though, I would hate to have to dust at their house! :0)

  4. Lots of cute ideas in that house, ladders for shelves and I love the windows covering the tv with the fabric, great idea!

  5. I love that idea. I recently had this dilemma and found old shutters to cover up that horrid hole.