Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ideas for old doors

I found some old doors the other day and I needed some ideas for them.... look what I found. Who knew an old door could look so elegant. Add a little fancy paper in the insets and top it with glass. Taaaa Daaaa! It is gorgeous.
Here is another idea. The desk top as well as the back board are doors. Cute, cute, cute.

More ideas....

Now go out there and find those doors!!!

Good Luck.
Funky Junk Sister #2


  1. Oh my goodness! I love that table! It's just beautiful!

  2. Those are great ideas!! I had a friend who used an old barn door for the top of her computer desk. I always thought it was cool. :)

  3. We've got some cool stuff made from old doors heading to the Farm Chicks AND Funky Junk Sisters shows in June!!!!

  4. Linda~
    Hi! I was in Sumner to pick up chickens but have to wait until next week to get them! :)
    So what's a girl to do when she finds herself in Sumner except...S*H*O*P? :)
    I will give the cupcake thing prayerful CONSIDERATION & let you know! :)
    Thanks again for inviting me to participate!

  5. I a-door building with old doors!!! They give great character to anything you build with them.

  6. Love your page~ fun, funky and free! Love the sisters music too! Great job!