Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meet Buttercup!

Bob and Cindi own this sweet lil' cutie properly named "Buttercup". They had been avid tent campers for many years until one day Cindi was turned on to the book "Teardrops
and Tiny Trailers" and spent one blissful evening happily perusing each and every page
of fabulous, full color photos of vintage Teardrops. Here is the story in Cindi's own words...

All was well until I came to the section entitled "Canned Hams"; suddenly my interest in Teardrops evaporated on the spot, and I became entranced with all the photos of adorable, completely restored Shasta trailers. How perfect they were! Everything needed was all there under one small, cozy roof ~ a little sleeping nook, charming vintage kitchen with built-in antique stove, perfectly-sized-for-two dining table with twin booths, surprisingly roomy closet
space.....even an original, still-functioning icebox was included. And, electricity too! No
more lanterns flickering out during 9 p.m. dish washing sessions in our outdoor camp
kitchen. Why, they even had water tanks, capable of providing running water in the
kitchen sink, and incredible storage capabilities in all the various bins, cabinets, and
under-the-floor storage areas. Wow!

Armed with this new information, I set about scouting out the perfect trailer for us. It had
to be a Shasta, though. We both loved the look of them, particularly the 1956 model with
its curved little back end. Too cute! We scouted out several various local ads for Shastas,
restored or otherwise, but none seemed to fit the bill. Then, one afternoon, just by chance
I decided to check out Ebay, and voila! There she was - an absolutely adorable yellow
and white, completely restored, 1956 Shasta trailer, up for auction with 6 days left on the
bidding. Given the fact that the trailer's location was in Southern California and therefore
not too far away (instead of somewhere far flung like Minnesota or Tennessee), we
decided to enter the bidding war, and war it was! There were already 6 bids on the darling
little thing, and we feverishly placed our bid, then sweated out the final closing moments
of the auction days later. After much pacing and biting of nails, our persistence was
finally rewarded with the happy news that we'd won the auction and the dear little trailer
was really and truly ours.

We had her brought up to Oregon on a flat bed truck, carefully inspected her from top to
bottom, then lovingly tucked her away in the garage to await the next camping season.
(and the little trailer is definitely a "her"; she has a unique feminine energy about her.)
Several friends suggested we should give her a name, and offered up all manner of ideas,
the best one being "Buttercup", named after her cheerful yellow and white exterior.

So now we're the happy and proud owners of our own little "Buttercup", and she attracts
attention wherever she goes. Driving down the boulevard, cruising the freeway, even
parked in a grocery store parking lot while I dash in for some supplies ~ there's always
someone wanting to make her acquaintance. We've added many touches of our own,
some aesthetic and some practical, and we both feel very happy to have her in the family.

Sweet, huh? You can see "Buttercup" in person at our "Junk Salvation" show in Hillsboro on Feb 5th and of course you will see "Berneice" (my 1969 Aloha, you know the one I tailgate to my sons games with) there too. Many thanks to Jerry at Rolling Oldies Vintage Trailers for hookin us up with Bob and Cindi!

Sweet vintage love to ya'll!
Linda FJS#2


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  2. I want one so bad! Love these little tresures on wheels. Happy Trails! judy in texas

  3. I'm in love! Just found your blog yesterday and now this vision of sweetness. Oh my, I'm hooked. Thanks for sharing. Nancy in So Cal

  4. totally adorable story and trailer! I recently almost got a free (in need of much love) vintage mini trailer but was beat out by someone else. guess it wasnt meant to be...for now at least ;0) Blessings, Katy PS Good luck with your oregon show!

  5. Love it. We have a 67 Aristocrat, we call it the"Glamper"

  6. Ohhh. that is sooo sweet. Kinda hurts my teeth sweet. You should post some pics of the inside. There is a little one down the road from the shop - it is red and white. I think I am gonna stop and ask about it.

  7. Buttercup is so cute! We have friends who have camped in that style of camper for over 40 years and took there kids everywhere with that camper. Have fun!

  8. That's a real "heart-hurter", (in a good way!)


  9. so wish I cpuld meet Buttercup- how wonderfully restored- love to meet the owners too!


  10. I how is so it..I think I might want one...

  11. Congratulations,

    That is one cute trailer!! Can't wait to see all your posts of her.

    Happy Trailers,
    Nancy of Nancy's Vintage Trailers

  12. You girls are spreading a wicked case of trailer Envy!
    Can't wait for the Feb show-was more than tempted to apply for a spot, but it's been so long since I've done any kind of show the thought of it gave me preshow nerves two months in advance. Maybe next time?!?

  13. Oh my stars....that's the most beautiful "ButterCup" I've ever seen! I've just recently been noticing these trailers and just like "Gretchen" commented..I TOO have trailer Envy!!!

  14. Im so green with envy! there is nothing as cool as that over this side of the pond will just have to be content with looking at your fab blog instead

  15. Buttercup is adorable! I too am green with envy!