Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Industrial Antiques

We love industrial antiques, they are so hard to find. We are hoping the vendors at our Hillsboro show will have plenty to show off! Hint, hint, lol.


  1. Im with you on the industrial something that was made to be purely practical can be so beautiful

  2. Be still my heart...at first I thought you meant Hillsville, VA.

  3. I wonder if one of the reason they are so hard to find is because the companies have issues with liability. My husband works for a papermill that is over 135 years old. There are so many antique and vintage things in there, however, when they update an area and pull out the old stuff........all the old stuff has to go to scrap or in the dumpster. The employees are not allowed to take it out (due to liability reasons) and they don't sell it because it's just garbage to them. My husband has told me some of the stuff that has gone out the door (never to be seen or appreciated again) and it makes me sick. I told him not to tell me anymore....it makes me sad.

    With all of that said, I hope someone has squirreled away some good industrial stuff. It is wonderful when you find it.