Monday, January 3, 2011

Dreamin of Summer....

Came across these pictures today, they are of the super funky retro trailers we have had displayed at our various shows.
Makes us wanna go campin'....summer where are you?

Here is a cool collage of pictures taken at our fall "Junk Salvation" show. These vintage trailers were on display for all to see. Aren't they sweet? images courtesy of glamspoon
We're itchin to go travelin!!!


  1. I'm dreamin right there with you all. Can't wait for warm weather and right now trying to remember what a sunny day looks like! Warm weather regards, Carol

  2. OH I WISH WE HAD THESE IN NEW ZEALAND!! DO YOU AMERICAN GALS KNOW HOW LUCK..LUCK..LUCKY YOU ARE??? ...I would die to be able to go to a huge antique/junky/shabby flea market of any kind, let alone one such as yours...COME TO NEW ZEALAND!! LOL...sounds incredible..will enjoy fossicking thru your blog! ;)
    nice to 'meet' you sistas!
    jessie, nelson, nz

  3. Those are so fun!!
    I hope to make it down to Oregon for the JS in February!!

  4. There's a man in West Linn, OR that refurbishes old trailers in his spare time- the cute rolly kind like you have here. He's just down the block from our rental and I've lusted over more than a few of them! Can't wait for warm sunny weather...but I'll still go out in the cold to see you guys here in Feb!

  5. If you find summer, send back East too.

  6. Just found your blog, love your junk!!! Especially the vintage campers - oh, for one of THOSE!...

  7. I have a similar trailer sitting on the bottom of my property here in Ashland that we inherited. I'm going to try and give it away on Craigslist, since it would be a major project to restore it. When we bought our property back in '99 it was sitting here and it is still waiting for someone to say "hey, I want to refurbish you!"