Sunday, January 23, 2011

Am I Vintage?

The other night my soon to be granddaughter and I were searching through the garage to find my Barbies and my Barbie Dream House. She was curious to see the house because it was made of cardboard (circa 1962). It was easy to locate the Dream House but the Barbies hadn't been seen for awhile. As I was digging through unlabeled boxes I came across my sash and tiara from 1978. I had been saving it for all these years for a daughter that I never had, ya'll know I have three sons. A girl just didn't happen for me...and my boys were more interested in football than sashes and crowns.
As I was pulling it out I thought to myself, this is the stuff I would die to find on my treasure hunts! OMG!!! I'm finding it in my own garage! Does that mean I am vintage? My dear junksisters I'm afraid to tell does!
C'est la vie!
I'm the one on the left.
Notice in the title of this post that I used the word I instead of We cuz I can't say that Dixie is vintage just yet but it will happen to her someday too. In that same pile of memories I also found this program. It's the year Dixie tried out for Miss DP.

When I opened the program look what I found, Dixie! Don't cha just love the hair? Dixie also won the title of princess and she too has a sash and tiara to share with her two beautiful daughters. Just wait til they see this pic...I wonder what they'll say about the hair?!!


  1. awwwww what beautiful memories and in those your very own treasure. Have a lovely week, dee x

  2. sis and I just went to the Clark County fairgrounds show yesterday..and picked up your flyer..we paln on attending!! love the song playing on your blog...sisters!!

    Heart Hugs,

  3. Hi Girls!

    Sweet memories! Wish we could attend your Portland show...Blessing for a great show!
    Do you have your Puyallup show scheduled yet? Celia and I would be interested in participating...let us know if you need more vendors! Thanks Glad & Celia

  4. Oh, good grief!! If you are vintage then I am almost an antique. What is the true definition of vintage, anyway?? How many years old does it have to be?? Looking forward to your Hillsboro show,

  5. So much fun to look back on those memories...

  6. Love it all, wish I could make it up there. Wishing you a great show!!!! Warm Regards, CindyLew