Friday, January 14, 2011

Here's What You Have All Been Waiting For - The Vendor List For Our Hillsboro Show!

Well we have filled the Washington County Fairgrounds to the brim! Our vendors have been busy gatherin and pickin all their favorite junk spots just for you and they have called us frantically wanting more room for their wares. Many junkers have taken more than one spot...they can be greedy that way! We have worked and reworked the floor plan many times to accommodate all this glorious stuff, and we are sorry to say we can't fit anymore in!!!!

Breathing Beside Us

Broke Jewels

Miss Hannah's Gourmet Popcorn

The Farrier's Daughter

Dymond Graphics

Apron Strings Productions


No Ducks and Bunnies Vintage

Mack and Momma

Bountiful Herbs Farm and Nursery

Just Chic

Poppy and Ivy

Vintage Market

Garden Cat

Rusty Chick

Brocanteur Vintage

The Quiet Nest

House of Six Cats

One Gal's Trash

Second Star Designs

Just Because Antiques

Sparrows Nest


Faded Charm Cottage

Terry Powers

A Thing For Roses

Christine Marie Studio

Maison Douce

Rose City Soap Shoppe

J Bro

Molly Mo

Surprised By Joy

Chloe Rose

Bartlett Art Works

A Treasure Box

Sophie's Cottage

Roost Reimagined

Blue Ewe

A Cottage Industry



Mindy Hill

Sweet Treats


Bon Voyage Vintage

Domo Dogs

Bird Song

The Funky Junk Sisters

Todays Country Store


We hope ya'll have made your plans to attend the best "JuNK" show you've evah seen...cuz it's gonna be good...real good!
Don't forget to pick up your $1 off coupons from your local vendor or print the one out on our right side'll save ya a buck. And you just never know what you'll find here for a buck!

See you soon JuNK SiSteRs...


  1. Oh, I wish it was closer. It looks like a great show!

  2. Your pics are making me drool on my keyboard! I can't imagine what ones from the Feb show will look like - fantastic, I'm sure! Oh, all that wonderful junk just waiting to come home with me! I asked Santa for a trip out there for your show. He said he didn't think it was likely. Geeze! You'd think the guy could loan me his flying sled or something! Have a spectacular time!! ~Leena~

  3. I so hope I can make it! I have a couple friends that want to come too, so it looks promising♥ The greatest show "evah" indeed!

  4. Omgoodness!
    I just FAINTED!
    I think I hurt myself!
    I am completely BLOWN away!
    This looks FAB!
    How far is Hillsboro from Seattle!
    I MUST attend this event!
    Looks beyond FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bainbridge Island WA

  5. I can't wait for the show! I've been busy pulling together all the treasures to bring. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  6. Washington! rats, i wish i could go!