Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Just loved this tree from Martha Stewart. It's simple and sweet and she tops it off with some junkin' goodness - galvanized tubs! Photo courtesy of

Isn't this just what you would imagine in a farmhouse kitchen on Christmas morning?

Alright, we changed the theme on ya'll a bit here, we went to FOOD, but just had to share this easy peasy idea with you. You could easily do this with the computer,
cardstock and a little ribbon.
Your guests would think you were so cleaver!

Scrumptous! Just a punch of red to make them pop.

This is what we would call a Vintage Flea Market Christmas. When you are on the hunt don't discard those shabby, chippy pieces. They look fantastic here.

Love the bottle brush trees displayed on the window sashes. They might be small but all together they make a BIG statement!

Our Portland, Oregon show is just around the bend, it'll be here before ya'll know it.
Make it a girl's day out Feb 5, 2011!


  1. Love it all, it is so YUMMY! I'm planning on coming to the Portland show and I can't wait! I'm trimming my tree right now I just hung some old key hole plates and glass door knobs:) I'm showing the finished product sometime tomorrow on my blog! Merry Christmas♥

  2. It's all so cool - especially love the bottle brush trees on the sills

  3. Yea!! More sisters who LOVE junk :) Thanks for stopping by this week...we are so glad to find you girls - we are lovin' your blog...almost as much as we love junk :) YOU know what we mean, don't ya?!! That kitchen table is fab...oh how we'd love to expand our kitchen 8 foot to put that marvelous table in them both - ha! Guess we'll have to wait on that one!
    Karla & Karrie
    The Summer Kitchen Girls

  4. Love that tree with the red ornaments and I could so have breakfast at the long farmhouse table. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back.