Friday, December 3, 2010

Come On Sistas...Enter Day 3 of Our Giveaways!

Day #2 winner is
Debra Freigang Forrest contact us by email at and we'll get your prize out to you.

Ooooooh child, ya'll are gonna love the giveaway today!
But first let us tell you about our favorite Holiday's the ones with our kid's cute little photos on them. You know the ones they make in kindergarten and grade school

and they wrap them up for you as a gift.

These ornaments are priceless and always have a prominent place on

our trees!

Here we go, Day #3 Giveaway is from the girls over at A Gilded Life.

"Gilded Girls love sparkle. And glamour. And, oh, yes, Gilded Girls love soft and velvety and lacey and vintage-y and shimmery" that's what their blog says and it describes these talented ladies to a T.

They are getting ready to launch something're gonna wanna know about it so go to their blog and check it all out. Ya'll will be happy you did!!

Okay, here's how you can win this darling Christmas necklace...

1. Follow Junk Salvation (if you haven't already) over there to the right...

2. Write about your favorite holiday ornament on your blog or facebook page with a link back to US! Then come back and leave a comment with a link to your post (not just to your blog, but your post)

3. Follow A Gilded Life...and leave a comment there (be sure to tell them we sent you).

Okay, this will give you 3 entries.... 3 chances to win this Giveaway! So link up and give us the scoop on your favorite holiday ornament. We will announce the winner tomorrow morning on our next blog post!


  1. Thanks for this giveaway ! I follow you on GFC.

  2. It's probably operator error ( wherein I am the operator). Didn't see a follow button at their blog but have subscribed to their RSS feed! Oh my lovelies over there!

  3. I'm a follower of FJS and I LOVE this Christmas necklace! La

  4. LOVE this giveaway and A Gilded Life and I just became a follower here!

  5. I also went over and followed their blog!

  6. I'm following A Gilded Life on Networked Blogs!

  7. My favorite ornament is my 1st ornament... a little golden angel head with wings. My mama said I was her lil angel. (O:

  8. Hi,
    I follow your blog on gfc as Chris
    Chris Ann


  9. Happy Holidays! I hopped on over from being a follower of The Gilded those girls! I am now happy to say that I am a follower of FJS!!!
    My favorite holiday ornament would be anything that sparkles...I am a collector and love them all!
    Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway...good luck to everyone!


  10. I'm following all of ya! Great giveaway and great blogs!!! Here's my link!!

  11. I follow the Gilded Life and came here to visit you!

  12. My favorite Christmas ornaments are the Beleek ornaments given to me by my sister and a dear friend. I love them all and can't choose between them!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  13. My favorite is the classic glass Christmas bulb! I talked it up here...

    You know I follow you already ;0) but just went and follwed these gals now at their lovely blog!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely necklace...may the best junk person win!

    Blessings, Katy

  14. I'm a follower, please add me : ) My Son is in Iraq in the Army right now and was just home for his 2 weeks R & R. He came in one night with a Army stocking with his photo in it and an Army ornament for our tree. He said he knew it was going to be hard for me with him not home this year for Chirstmas, so he bought me the ornament and stocking in his place. Yes, I cried. And nobody or nothing could ever take his place, but it is now my favorite ornament.

  15. My favorite ornaments are the ones my boys made for me when they were little. Also, I have a scallop shell with the name of my baby girl who was still born. Every time I hang that one I think of her and how old she would now be.
    Love Gilded Girls and Funky Junk Sisters Flea Market!! The giveaway necklace is beautiful. Merry Christmas!!

  16. Oh ~ I would love to win that beautiful Christmas necklace!. I'm now a follower, blogged about your giveaway and left a comment over at the Gilded Life (I've been following them for some time now!)
    Someone is going to be a very lucky person!

  17. Hey ladies!! Merry Christmas!! Blessings to you from 'God's Country COLBERT!" ;-)

  18. I am following & liking every single place I am able. Would love to win that beautiful Debbie/Shea necklace.!!!

  19. I love following you!
    My favorite ornament is a large wooden spoon decorated as a very funky cowboy. Makes me want to go unpack it right now.

  20. I follow on gfc. love your blog. love junk

  21. I follow also that's how I read about this wonderful give a way.

    I just love these charms with rhinestones on them.
    OK when I do my post I am giving a heads up about your give a way