Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Junk Salvation Show is Just One Month Away...

So we wanted to give you a little sneaky peaky into some of the vendors you will see at our show in Hillsboro on Feb 5th. Today we are featuring the very awesome Sue of Bella Shabby. She definitely has an eye for beautiful things and she really knows how to put it all together with just the right amount of pizazz.

We admire the way she places each and every timeworn piece. Perfection!

She has been a featured vendor at Barn House several times and she travels with her wares in tow to Farm Chicks and Clayson Farms. You can also visit her space at Monticello Antiques where you may find her staging the windows to the very popular antiquing establishment.

We are so excited to have her participate in our inaugural Portland show! Watch for more vendor profiles coming soon!

Happy Junkin' to You!


  1. Why oh why can't we have anything this wonderful out East??????

  2. Looking Good! Hey, I need those canning lids Ladies. Thanks for posting. Wishing I lived closer:) Happy New Year. xxx Liz

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  4. Hi Linda and Dixie ,
    Thank you for all the Kind words - you make me look good! If I didn't know it was my stuff I'd want to go shopping - lol.
    See you soon , February will be here so FAST. I have lots to do :)
    ( bella )

  5. Happy New Year!!

    I Absolutely LOVE your Blog!

    Best Wishes with everything!!

    Joelle xoxo

  6. Ahhh now that I'm walkin' again.(knee surgery)..it makes me want to run to wherever you all are. It could happen. LOL
    I love your stuff, parts of me miss the antique business, but it was never as cool as this..I miss having the inside seat on all the great stuff...you are obviously having a blast doing what you do...wonderful! Lucky ducks!
    Love the punches of red with white..