Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ultimate Junk Tree

Ya'll know that everything we know bout junkin' we learned from Funky Junk Sister #1, the grand junkin' queen herself, our MOTHER! We've told you before that she used to force it on us and us bein' the cleaver girls we are, we turned it into a business...whoda thunk? Well we spent some time over at Mom's the other day and thought we would share a little junkin goodness with ya. She's a true blue junker and you can see it and feel it in everything she does, but somehow this woman can turn junk into magic. Just take a look at her junktabulous Christmas tree... Look closely, you won't want to miss anything.

Vintage kitchen utensils tucked in here and there give it just the right amount of charm.

MaMa knows what she's doin'- she chose a white tree instead of the traditional makes each piece stand out. And she carefully placed everything in the perfect spot.

We will warn you that it might be hard to attempt to do this yourself, it takes many years to collect this stuff. Mom has been scouring garage sales and thrift stores for over 55 years, and let us tell you she is an expert at it. She is the ultimate bargain shopper, if we want to negotiate a price on an item we are lookin to purchase....we sic mom on it. She's ruthless when it comes to price dickering. She'll have the seller in meltdown mode before she takes it home with her.

Here's to a Wonderful Joyous Holiday to you and yours. We are signin' off to spend some time with family. We will see you after Christmas Junk Sisters! God Bless ya'll!!


  1. Go Mama! L♥ve it, Merry Christmas to you and yours! xoxo

  2. I wish I could show you my vintage Christmas Ladder. It is all decked out in green lights and partially full of presents (until Santa comes)

  3. How cute! Go Mom!!
    Carol in snowy Georgia!