Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cute idea...

We were in Macy's the other day finishing up some shopping and we saw this CUTE idea. Wouldn't these be sweet used as decorations for a holiday cookie exchange party? You bettcha they would! And we think they would be easy to make too. Looks like they used a string of lights, some colorful paper baking cups and some foil lined baking cups. Punch a hole in the bottom and attach to each light bulb....Susie Homemaker....WATCH OUT!! Here come The Funky Junk Sisters and we'll give ya a run for your money!!!!
Happy Holidays!
The countdown has begun to our Feb 5th "Junk Salvation" show in Portland, Oregon, have you made your plans yet?
Linda & Dixie


  1. How fun for a kitchen! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Hi Linda + Dixie--
    What a great blog. Love the tree your Ma put together... brilliant! I hope to meet you two soon!

  3. I love this idea... So cute i posted on my blog, hope you dont mind. I made this and puted near on my bed, but i recycled small paper cups with cute fabric....so cute. too. Love your blog sisters!! The music is so nice and make us stay more on the website..... xoxoxo