Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When you are done, wash your hands and put the lid down!!!

"The medicine cabinet won't shut!" screams my hubby. Oh boy, I thought to myself, that could mean bad news for me. Our medicine cabinet is located directly above the toilet...don't ask me why but there is limited space available by the counter so I think the builder thought it was best there. He didn't consider that things might accidentally fall out of the cabinet into the toilet! YUCK!!!

Here's the deal, I have lived with a house full of men for so long that I gave up on griping at them to put the lid down. Yes, I confess, I live with an open toilet lid. As a mother of boys, you must pick and choose your battles and being the only woman in the house with 4 men, I finally figured out it was a battle I would never win! Even today my three sons are all grown and live away but the toilet lid is still up in our house!

OK, on with the story...our home is small with a single bathroom so I always try to keep the counter free of clutter. A few days ago I decided we didn't need our toothbrush holder on the counter anymore. Most toothbrushes are too big to fit into the holes anyway, so I stuffed the holder into the medicine cabinet. That's why it wouldn't shut. Once I removed the culprit it closed just fine. I brought it into the kitchen and left it on the counter while I did a few chores. As I glanced at it I realized that it reminded me of a flower frog. So I went to the garden and searched for the perfect blooms.. Wah lah it transformed into this...

The holes are perfect for holding the stems upright!
Go do something simple like this today. Bring some cuttings in from your garden and brighten up your world!
Linda FJS#2


  1. Love this idea, Linda! So simple, yet so effective. I see these things at yard sales all the I know what I need them for!

  2. Brilliant!!! A true junk recycler!!!! I would have put it in the kitchen, thought about the frog, looked out at the pond, decide to do some weeding, lose track of time, order pizza, get ready for bed and wonder where I left my toothbrush!!

  3. All it took for me to win the toilet seat war was to give them all a lesson on bacteria, and just how much of it is exploded into the bathroom air during and after the flushing of a toilet with the seat open, landing everywhere, including on towels, bars of soap, and toothbrushes. If one goes, puts the seats DOWN, and then flushes, the amount of bacteria showered thru the room is much much less. Try this, backing up your story with written info and maybe even some charming little petri dish photos from online.