Thursday, July 8, 2010

We are at it AGAIN!

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Yes we are at it AGAIN! We have changed the NAME, but, we are still the same!

Our Fall Show is just around the corner. We won't do another til 2011! Mark your calendars for October 15 & 16, 2010! We are bringin back "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" which will help support Breast Cancer Research. We'll have several returning vendors, many are your favorites and some NEW ones that we're sure will be added to your FAV list when everything is all said and done!

"Monroe" and "Berneice" will make an appearance... and a few more vintage babies will show their faces (Hint Hint... you know who you are)! The restoration of these old travel trailers have been fun projects for us. They may take a little longer than we first thought (alot more work than we thought too), but ohhhh they'll be worth it! If you have a vintage trailer... and you would like to join us, hit the "contact us" button and we'll get back to you.

If you want to be a vendor, it is not too late!!!
Click on the "Vendor Application" button to get started.

That is it for now... just wanted to give you the heads up
on some great junk coming your way in October!

PoWEr To thE JUnKpeOPle!!!!

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