Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's Take The Party Outside

The weather is beautiful here in the Pacific it's time to take our thoughts to outdoor entertaining. Here are some lovely ideas for your next outdoor party. If you are like us (and we know you are) you've got a whole closet full of vintage linens. Don't be afraid to pull them out and show them off! Besides that is the reason you bought them isn't it, to use them? Sometimes we are afraid to use the things we collect. We say USE IT, surround yourself with your passion!
Don't be afraid of color, embrace it! Have fun with it, mix it up. Using color is like laughing out loud. It's fun!

Mix rustic with chic. A well worn red bench looks FAB with the elegant white laced cloth and red stripes. Just because it's a picnic doesn't mean you have to use paper plates...pull out the goblets and enjoy!

Look in your junk pile for inspiration, whoda thought birdcages would look so good hangin from a tree? Throw in some votives and you've got dining by candlelight.

Who needs benches when you can use hay bales? Simple burlap is used for the tablecloth with a splash of sunflowers for color.

Don't be afraid to use your indoor furniture outside. It changes the whole feel of outdoor dining.

Paper lanterns are always festive. If you want to throw in some "JuNK SaLvaTiON" style use hanging pom poms too.

Outdoor entertaining isn't just for summer, take it into the fall...paired with a fire pit for warmth. What more could you ask for?
Now get out there and have some fun with this!!
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  1. Very fun post! Any you are so right..I have a closet full of vintage linens, they are among my prized possessions!

  2. Your table settings are adorable, creative and very inspirational! Just loved them all!

  3. Awesome ideas~! I can't wait to do the show this Year!

  4. Hi, I'm Holly! I found your blog through facebook. I'm originally from Enumclaw but I'm currently living in Moscow, ID. I love seeing the pictures of The Mountain and just hearing about my old stomping ground! I look forward to following along! ♥

  5. Hello there,

    Love reading your posts.

    The design of your outdoor is fantastic & in line with outdoor green initiative.

    I love green outdoor, and always believe a perfect family time can be connected right at your garden yard:)

    Jay Chua