Tuesday, July 6, 2010

White Painted Furniture

Here's a post we did a while back...we still get comments on it, so we thought we would repost it again for some of our new followers. Enjoy!

I spent most of yesterday painting furniture. It is not easy, my hands go numb, I get stuck in a crouching position and I can't get back up! Seriously, it takes me days to recoop....but there is nothing like seeing the finished masterpiece. That is when I remember why I love pieces painted white. They are so fresh, like a breath of spring air. The contrast to painted walls is spectacular.
See what I mean.

Always so bright and cheerful. Believe me we need that in the Pacific Northwest.

Crisp and clean.

But not all things have to be white, this is fun too.
We will have plenty of painted furniture in all colors at our show. Make sure you mark your calendars so you won't miss out.
By the way, since I am the older sister, what I say goes. I have decided to make Dixie do all of the painting from now on!!!


  1. I spent a good chunk of yesterday sanding and putting primer on a big hutch... My plan is to paint it jadite green today, but it looks soooo good with just white primer! But this one is for my house and all the walls are white, so I think I'm still sticking with green today. We'll see how I feel in a couple hours... :) Love white furniture!

  2. Clever and very beautiful, but I can see that you can get overcome by the paint fumes, watch out Dixie!
    Ladies, thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  3. The trouble with painting furniture is the prep stuff, especially finding a bare patch to work in. The actual painting is sort of a pleasant process for me. White paint is such a miracle worker!
    Beth of the Salvage Studio

  4. Love the pictures! I love the white look, but I still love black too...and then there's chocolate brown...geez...I have it all in my house and sometimes wish I just had all white. Thank God for paint! How's it going out your way? The weather just isn't the best yet, but we're hopeful. I've got a lot of junk to work on! Hugs and junk dreams to ya! Andrea

  5. Hi there, can you tell me how many vendors are signed up for your show so far?
    Thanks and have a great day.

  6. Beautiful site - your colors are perfcet!

  7. There is nothing like seeing the finished masterpiece. That is when I remember why I love pieces painted white.

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  8. I'm a Neutral kinda gal myself. Just told the Hubby I wanted to paint my kitchen chairs white this weekend. But, I have to say I'm liking the robin's egg blue choice. What paint do you use? LizlovesVintage:)

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  10. i always thought that white furniture is steril and way to difficult to maintain, but his article changed my opinion. Those are incredible.

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