Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Puyallup Show Opened Last Night

And what a fabulous opening it was! Tons of Junk Sisters attended including this clan of sis in laws that make a BIG SHINDIG out of it every time. Also in the picture are our cute Junk Sister mannequins showin' off their FJS apparel...speaking of apparel...we'll try to get a pic up soon of our newest burnout Ts.

Every girl's gotta have one! We've got fab displays, great prices and plenty of good company goin' on again today. Get your booty on in here before we are gone.

Shoppin' today from 10am to 4pm!

Oh! And you can't forget about the cute lil vintage trailers that are displayed inside and out in the parkin' lot. When we left last night the Sisters On The Fly had a fire going in the fire pit and a cold beverage in their hands. They were campin' in the parkin' lot. Now ya'll gotta admit those ladies know how to have a good time!

See ya there!!

Linda & Dixie


  1. Sounds like everything is going perfectly, as expected. What else would a FJS show be but perfect? I can't wait to see pics! The mannequins look fabulous, dahlings, simply fabulous Hugs, Leena

  2. That is the cutest camper I have ever seen. Tiff

  3. I had a blast!!! So glad I got to chat with you. See you in Spokane in a few weeks!!

  4. Oh I wish I were closer! I hope you'll come back to Portland soon!