Thursday, May 12, 2011

Is It Worth It?

Yesterday it took me four hours to pick up some funky junk for our show this weekend. Mind you...most of that time I spent in rush hour traffic! One of our finds was this FAB mannequin. I put her in the front seat thinkin' she might fly as the extra passenger for the commuter lane.

You can't read it but when I picked her up her blue name tag said Linda Junk!

But I'm too chicken sh*t to try to get away with somethin' like that so I did the whole Seattle traffic thing. Let me tell ya, it's just wrong to be going only 5 miles per hour on the freeway!

Meanwhile Dixie is travelin' 450 miles in a truck filled to the brim with stuff for the show. She's drivin this very minute (not alone-family in tow too). Her 5 1/2 hour trip won't be a bowl full of cherries. Can't you just here it now? "Mom, when will we be there?!!! Ya'll know this conversation will happen at least 15 times.

So we ask ourselves, is it worth it? Going to all this trouble for a bunch of junk?

Well we gotta tell ya...OF COURSE!!! The rush you get when you walk thru the doors at opening, the humongous building full of vintage stuff, the absolutely creative people that display it, the ideas you walk away with for your home....


**New vendor alert**

The Gasworks Factory will be joining us this weekend. Just wait til ya'll see his stuff!!


  1. Like you said, of course it's worth it! The thrill of the hunt, finding that just perfect piece of junk you've been searching for, seeing all those smiling faces you've made so happy by putting on your shows - YES INDEEDY it's worth it! LOL Have a great show and I hope that Dixie survives the trip! (Mom! She's looking at me! Mom! She's breathing my air!) Ahhh family trip memories =:) Leena

  2. No joke Leena, we always enjoy your comments!

    Linda & Dixie

  3. I love Linda Junk. I bet she was laughing all the way. Inside of course so no one could see her laugh.
    I love the second photo with the car all loaded down and boogying down the road. Kids must of had a great time (ha). I am sure the trip was really worth it!! Good Junk usually is!

  4. Every single minute, every inch traveled, every nail broken, every rotary sander "incident"....well you get the idea.....YES! it's worth it!

    sigh....wish I could make your sale....someday...

  5. Have junk will travel. Much luck on your shows this weekend and sending what we in the south call Traveling Mercies to attend you.

  6. I am so happy I found your blog. I love junking and your photo of the mannequin in the car made my day!!!! Trash is treasure!

  7. Oh I'm sure we are related! We once had a pair of legs hanging out of trunk... and the overloaded car is something we have also done! My kids used to make me park a couple of blocks away from school so their friends would,'t see what ever we picked up on the way!!! (Hey, I put them thru private school junking all the way!!)