Friday, May 27, 2011


It's just amazing what you can discover on the World Wide Web. We came across these on Craigslist what could we do with them? Got any ideas?


  1. Plant tomatoes? haha
    Use them as driveway markers lit up...give one to my boy so he can do 'superman' changes
    I don't know what I'd do with it, but I want one now! haha

  2. Use them for kids waiting for the bus when its raining.

  3. Cool, to me they are icon post modern sculpture.
    I would use them to anchor the four corners of
    an outside garden room. I would roof the room
    with either wood and vines, metal panels, those wavy ridges light weight semi translucent panels
    maybe they are pvc? All of the phone booth devoid of the phones and having the phone sign either removed or painted over with aluminum paint then I would install shelves in all of them
    of either glass or wood. Two or three would be used as greenhouse space (during cold weather attach a rolling shade of plastic along the open side) since your phone phone appear to be missing the folding doors)the other one would be used to house plates, cups, linens, candles,etc.

    are you purchasing them? How much are they?
    treehouse.queen18 (at yahoo dot com)

  4. Another idea is to use them as landscape light towers. Either individually or paired up.
    Individually, face the open side away from view
    light with candles, or solar light or if the interior ceiling light and electric wires are still intact connect to electricity. (these lights would go on when the door was opened and then closed at night well a patron used the booth)
    In a large yard or property away from public access (as I could see vandals either defacing them or trying to break the glass)I would butt
    the two open sides together and using them as light towers. (you would have to figure out what your light source would be and how to activate that before you butt them together). You could have the open sides facing each other and have a please distance between them and have a welder join them via straps of metal in a lath design on just one side then you would have easy access from the open side to deal with the lighting of the combined unit.
    As sculpture you could use 3 of them - two on each side and one bridging the tops over both of them as an arch. You would have to have a welder or engineer friend help you with this. The one on
    top could be filled with dirt and use for planting.

    treehouse.queen18 at yahoo dot com

  5. Mini green houses

    china cabinets turned in a corner with shelves

    room dividers

    poster holders or large pictures in glass area

  6. Time out place for misbehaved children....

  7. Sell them to Superman????? LOL

  8. Mom's time out room. Add a fold down captain's desk.
    Take one side off and they become a big room screen for an outdoor room.
    Flea market changing room?
    Add a side and screens - a bird cage, or small animal house.
    Lay it on its side and plant flowers or make a huge worm farm or ant hill.

    There are a few bars that use these as "secret entrances" or you could use it in a magic act!

  9. First, I'd be tempted to rig one up with a phone and use it somewhere in myh house, painted a kewl color. Other than that, I was thinking greenhouse too, either individual ones or hook them together somehow to make a big one. OR what about adding some funky junk decorations to the outside and using one as a little garden shed? Kissing booth at your next show? (The rescue group we got our dogs from use a cocker as the kisser to raise funds. It's always a crowd pleaser) Wouldn't one be kewl in a kitchen as a pantry? Or with shelves inside for a curio cabinet? Umm...workin the brain here...shelves for audio video equipment or project supplies? I think I've about stumped myself but if I think of anything else, I'll post again LOL! ~Leena~

  10. Really great blog. My friends referred me your site. Looks like everyone knows about it. I'm going to read your other posts. Take care. Keep sharing.

  11. I agree with some of the other readers......this year if you want tomatoes...
    I am thinking a phone booth might be in order!!!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  12. Some sort of a curio cabinet? Maybe put wheels on it and sell elephant ears at the carnival??
    Maybe a tanning booth? Ohhh! Those are bad for you! :-0

  13. These made me crack up...brought back memories of walking to the corner to make phone calls, pre-cell phone days and I didn't have a home phone. Love all the great ideas!

  14. By my least 4 or 5 blogging, junk creating, goddesses can go in and come out the superheroes they really are!

  15. Side Note: I was "window shopping" at the Junk Gypsy's site yesterday and they have the cutest pink pay phone! If you were to decide to use one of the booths as an actual phone booth, it would be awesome with a pink phone! Ok, showing my pink love again. I'll sit back down LOL Love ya!

  16. Well, if you put a retro mannequin in one for display that would be pretty cool.

  17. I would be tempted to dis-assemble them and put all the panels together and build a greenhouse. Paint it a cool color and voila...a beautiful place to start your garden.

  18. My suggestion is to wire them for lighting and design a chair to go in them and use them for reading chairs. How nice to place one in a room and have your own little nook when your limited your space. And what great conversation pieces!! ENJOY!

  19. really late to this fun.... but - how 'bout an outdoor shower??? :-)
    from abundant finds