Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Hillsboro Show Was Over The Top!

One Word....WOW! We love you Hillsboro and the whole metro Portland area! Apparently you love JuNK sALvAtIOn too! You came out in BIG numbers for this event...and you didn't just show up...you came out in grand form. Many of you told us about how you made this event one big function. You had pre show parties, brunches and dinners and really made this thee GIRLS EVENT of the year! Here are a few pics from Fridays set up day. We were thrilled to see our JuNk SaLVaTIoN name in lights! We took this pic from the car window after a long day of set up. It's a little blurry but we still wanted to share it with you.

Friday night we had a fabulous time with some wonderful gals that came all the way from Texas. The food was good, the company was great and the drinks were wonderful. These gals do a show of their own called Petticoats On The Prairie. Thanks ladies for makin' this a special evening for us!

Here's a shot from my IPhone, once again it's blurry but I had to lift it in the air to get the shot of the crowd waitin' to get in. There were hundreds of you that waited thru the dark morning til the doors opened up.

Buttercup was the star of the show! She really captured the hearts of everyone.

Creativity was abundant everywhere!! Don't ya'll need a skirt like this?

Booths were displayed just like mini little storefronts. This one from The Farrier's Daughter combined mod, rustic and bold elements.

Here's a happy Junk Sister carrying out her loot.

What a hoot these ladies were...they took this whole thing to the next level. They met before the show, had brunch and each were presented with their very own Junk Sister bags!!! How cool is that?Look closely and you can see the silver embroidered "sister" just below the big black junk letters.Once again we had the cute little trailer beauties on display. Here is the inside of sweet Mindy's trailer. Her hubby was thrilled to be included on this FUN girls weekend (wink wink)!

Here's one of our fav photos of all. The next generation of Junk Sisters pickin' and gathern' at an early age! Hey we're teachin' em right!
Our photos are just the tip of the iceberg of what is out there in blogland, (and so many of their photos are better than ours) so we're gonna link to them below. Make sure you check them all out, it's soooo worth it!
Our next show is May 13th and 14th in Puyallup, Washington. Hope to see ya'll there!!
Let us know if you've written about our show. We will gladly link to it!


  1. Hi Ladies,

    It was so nice to meet you and I want to send you a huge "Thanks" for allowing me to be a part of your show. I have a link to a "sneak peek" post I did on Friday night if you're interested.

    Thanks and hope to see you guys again sometime soon.


  2. The show was very, very, good. We were amazed at the amount of wonderful treasures for sale and loved the little trailers. It was a blast and we hope you will come down our way again!!

  3. Hi Dixie and Linda,
    Wrote about the sale on One Gal's Trash.
    See you in Puyallup!

  4. Ladies, thanks so much for including me in your show! It was such a joy, and I wrote all about it on my blog. Feel free to link to it :-) www.thefarriersdaughter.blogspot.com

  5. Your vintage junk show was amazing! This was my first experience in a vintage flea market! Loved it and had lots of fun, hope to go to another one sometime in the near future!!
    PS. I blogged and posted pics of this wonderful event!

  6. Hi Girls! Just wanted to let you know we did another post on last weekends show. Michelle did the first one and I just finished the second one.

    It has lots and lots of pictures because that is all part of the fun, looking back and remembering all the too cool junk and seeing things you missed the first time around. I had a blast and hope I can make it to another show, maybe some day we could be a vendor!


  7. Hi FJ Ladies! I had so much fun at your show! Everything was "just my style!" The vendors were so sweet and fun! My only regret was that I didn't stay another three hours and shop, shop, shop! And that my cousin Tara beat me to the cutest burlap bag from the Quiet Nest. That stinker.....I do have to agree with her though, my dream would be to be a vendor some day.... ;-) Dream big, right???
    Have a great week and thanks for linking us here!!

  8. Hey, Dixie and Linda:

    THANKS for putting together yet another JUNKTABULOUS Vintage Market! THere's more pics and Junk Salvation love at www.peaceloveandallthegoodstuff.blogspot.com.
    We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed meeting so many incredible customers and fellow junkers. See ya in Puyallup!

    Peace, love, and HAPPY JUNKIN' to y'all!

    The Garden Cat

  9. Loved my first Funky Junk Sister's show

    Wrote two blog posts about my first visit!


  10. Well of course I wrote about your FABULOUS show!
    Love you girls, You should be very proud of yourselves!

  11. i so wish i lived closer!! what an awesome show!!! so glad to have found your blog!

  12. 1) Buttercup is so dang cute!

    2) I wanna help that baby dig through the prize ribbons.

    Looks like an awesome-o show.