Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Dreamin of a Wedding...

In less than a week I'll be sitting on the beach in Cabo gettin ready to hand over my first born to a wonderful, beautiful girl! She is perfect for him and quite's time to hand the reins over. (Havin' three boys takes a toll on ya, worryin' all the time about them). Now that's Sarah's job!!!! MaMas done! Yippie! Hip Hip Hooray! Just kiddin'!! He has blossomed into a wonderful man and she compliments him well. Plus she's really good to his MaMa and that matters, right?! Most of all she's got the approval from my hubby, and my dear Sarah, that is hard to come by! Since our Portland show has passed I can now turn all my attention to the wedding. I'll be doing the flowers so I have spent much time on google images lookin' for ideas. Look what I came across sweet.

Burlap has been all the rage for awhile now, but here is a perfect use for it. For more burlap wedding ideas go here. Not so sure if I can use burlap for a beach wedding but I thought it was cute enough to share with you.
I will be creatin' luminaries out of vellum for the reception centerpieces and I'll make paper tissue flowers to add color on the tables. I would like to do a bunting for the trellis arch on the beach. If you have any good ideas, send them my way. Remember I have to be able to pack it or the supplies for it in my suitcase so it has to be sorta flat.

Do you think I could do something similar to this below? Maybe with more tissue flowers hanging from the arch for color?

Ok! I better get back to work!!!!
Mother of the groom!


  1. I think the burlap would be perfect for a beach wedding! I like the bouquet with the pearls and horseshoe on it. You could replace the horseshoe with a starfish or a piece of beach glass to match the flowers. Let us know what you end up choosing! Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law to be.


  2. Wow Linda, You've got a lot to do in just a week.
    I handed over my baby son last October...all sons are now married. I'm very lucky to have wonderful daughters in law that match my equally wonderful sons that I am so proud of.
    Have a great time at the wedding.

  3. Ahh, Linda -- ya made me get teary!! Your son's wedding -- very sweet! I love the burlap idea for a wedding on the beach or in a church, why not? :) Blessings to y'all for all the good wedding stuff. . . and to your kids, blessings for a beautiful, long, sweet life together!

    Peace, love, and happy mother-of-the-groom stuff,

    Garden Cat

  4. You really have an interesting life....junk show one week, wedding soon after!! And in Mexico!! The burlap is nice for the beach and easy to pack. Have fun and be safe,

  5. Linda! Congratulations! I wish your son and soon to be daughter in law a world of happiness! I think that you can use the burlap but instead of using a horseshoe or other embellishment, use a starfish or seashell. It could be hot glued on with a little ribbon in the wedding's color, tied in a bow. I think that the banner like on that armour would be perfect with lots and lots of flowers. I can imagine how beautiful this will be, particularly on the beach. Such a romantic place to say "I do" Have a wonderful and safe trip and all the best to all! ~Leena~

  6. I wrapped cotton cheesecloth (not the nylon junk), around all of the mum pots for my daughter's Fall wedding. It can be dyed or be left natural. It is lightweight and would be perfect for packing into luggage. It would have an elegant, breezy and billowy look if draped. (I love burlap but this is a lighter weight option if weight is an issue.) Congratulations and enjoy that wedding!

  7. Oh congrats to your son and Sarah, what a fun wedding it will be, and I'm sure the decor will be AMAZING! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Have fun in Cabo!!

  8. These burlap photos are great! Hope you don't mind that we've used them in our latest post @ No Impact Bride.