Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pampering My Family

I posted this picture on facebook. This is what the parking lot outside my husband's office window looked like yesterday afternoon. It reminded me of a January day but it was actually June 15th! We were surprised with a huge hail storm. Only in Puyallup apparently...since people told me it was beautiful and sunny in Tacoma! Today's weather is a bit better but it is still on the cool side. I actually turned the heat on in the house and decided it was a good day to make something warm for my family to eat. It's just my hubby and I at home but our son, Jesse, works for the family business. I decided since it is June we should really be thinkin bout sunshine and picnics, not furnaces and hail storms! I made some cheddar broccoli soup and some freshly baked biscuits for my boys at the office. I wanted to deliver a hot meal to warm them up.

I pulled out my trusty picnic basket (I use it for everything) as the smell of the baking buscuits filled the house. My homemade surprise needed to be delivered in style...vintage style of course!

I'm off to pack the car up. I will let you know how they like it tomorrow!

Linda FJS#2


  1. yummy! I sure hope they liked it! I know I would!

  2. What a wonderful treat! I am loving the presentation. ~Mindy

  3. Oh a picnic how fun! The soup and biscuits look yummy!

  4. Oh what I wouldn't give for cooler weather. Here in NC has been 95 and above this week.