Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Junk Salvation

We know you are all wondering what "junk salvation" is...it's the same as our Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market but it's our touring version of it! Soon you will see our little vintage travel trailers on the road looking for our next junk stop...will it be your town? We have been busy getting our little babies ready for the ride! Here is Berneice with a sparklin new coat of white paint.
Today she'll earn,,,ur...get her stripe! (We'll post pics of that soon.) Berneice is outfitted with her Trav L Bar and the cutest little battery operated blender you ever did see. We have nicknamed her the "Travelin Martini Lounge"! She's almost ready to hit the road.
Monroe has a ways to go. She's been carefully gutted and she'll be new from the inside out. It will take a bit more time to get her ready...but you can never rush a woman of her quality!

When we're done with her she'll be as fabulous as her namesake. Just wait and see.

Make sure you "like" our new facebook fan page "Junk Salvation" it will give you all the details as they happen!
Oh, and remember...if it doesn't say Linda & Dixie behind it, it ain't the Funky Junk Sisters!!!



  1. Oh how cool. I learned about you the day after your last flea market was over, then made plans in my head (a scary place some days) to come to your store and then realized that might be a little difficult! So now I'll be on the lookout for your trailer. And I will not miss the next flea market because I follow your blog and FB page!

  2. Whoo hooo ladies, make sure your station wagons are ready to roll cuz you are gonna wanna be along for this ride!

    Linda & Dixie

  3. You need to come to the "far east" ~ Ohio! I would love to see the Travelin'Martini Lounge pull into the neighborhood.

  4. Mom & Dad have a trailer that looks just like this but it's green and white. I think I'll make it my place on the lake full of junk salvation.... I'll send a photo asap