Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Funky Junk Bride!

Stephanie Beals of S Beals Photography captured some of the cutest most original photographs from our Funky Junk Sisters Show! We just love em! Ya'll take a looksie for yourself.... Here is the gorgeous bride in front of sister #79's little trailer. Stephanie appropriately titled this pic "Trailer Trash". Looks like she had to rope her man in!
We bet any man will do just about anything this gal wants...don't you?

This must be the honeymoon get-a-way car....ur, or truck, of course!

A gals gotta get gussied up for her man!

Oh! And she can cook!

The perfect wedding portrait.

The honeymoon suite, courtesy of Today's Country Store.

Thanks Stephanie for the Honky Tonk Wedding photos. It was so much fun having you and your funky junk bride at our show!
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