Friday, February 5, 2010


I was bragging to Dixie about this fabulous steal of a deal pillow I found on clearance at Ross for less than $6. It was perfect for my great room, a wonderful chocolate brown silk with an elegant letter A (for Albers) embroidered in gold on the front. I sat it proudly on my striped chair for all to see. I even picked out some muted gold drapes to go on the slider next to it. It was the perfect vignette. Well I got home late last night and this is what I found....
can you see it?
The fabulous pillow sitting right there in the middle of all the feathers! Cooder, my son's dog (that we are now caretakers of since he moved to Texas)
killed it!!!!
I cried.


So if anyone comes across this pillow at another Ross store, let me know!

Still sobbing...



  1. so funny...sorry. I came home the other day and the cat had got into my terraium and pulled out the plants roots and all!!!

  2. OMG!! Bad Cooder! BAD BAD Cooder!

    But I am laughing at the same time!! I'm so sorry!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. Wow! That's A LOT of feathers! I'm so sorry about that. I can see my dog doing something like that. He's nevah evah left alone :P

  4. Ooohh I am soo sorry. But I am snickering just a tad.. it is funny. I will be on the lookout..

  5. hahahahaha!!!! Sorry, don't mean to laugh at your dead pillow...but I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one with a naughty pup!

  6. Oh no! I would cry, too! What a mess!! So naughty!

  7. So sorry....I don't mean to laugh, but this is just too, too funny....what a naughty puppy, but, my, oh my, what a funny story.
    Happy day! Hope you find a replacement for the pillow.

  8. Is that a Australian cattle dog? They are to smart, he did it to be naughty. Sorry.

  9. I prefer Cooder to any pillow. I'm sorry you lost the pillow though! I lost three vintage-material pillows to one of my dogs (and TWO sofas). Cooder's bored, which is why he savaged your pretty new soft thing. I always counseled people to get a 2nd dog, which made them gasp in horror -- but it's true, 2 dogs keep each other busy and out of trouble. (No, Cooder's not going to teach the new dog bad habits....)

    They both need to go to doggie class (or puppy class), too. You can't expect a dog to be well-behaved if the owners aren't trained in dog communication, and dominance behaviors. The "problem dogs" on shows like The Dog Whisperer? It's always necessary to train the owners (85% - 99% of the problem). I'm sure you don't want to hear this. Empathy for the loss of the pillow is what's needed, not a solution to the problem.

    I'm sorry you were so sad about the pillow you cried. It IS just a Ross pillow. (You can add an "A" to any pillow you find, yourself) But if you don't treat Cooder, an action dog (herder!! OMG), the next 100 pillows will be chewed up too. He needs more than a daily walk -- read up on Working Dogs. Their needs are different. (I had working dogs for 33 years!)

  10. Oh, another thing: Cooder's suffering from (don't laugh, it's very common) separation anxiety from your son going away. When YOU go away, he's not happy -- what if YOU don't come back either? A bored & nervous dog will eat pillows. (There are simple ways of dealing with this)
    Puppy class! Doggie Behavior class! And easy exercises to convince the poor guy that yes, you're coming back (and soon).

    Also: Put precious things out of his reach when you go out. Two words: CRATE TRAINING. (No, it's the farthest thing from cruel I can imagine, don't worry.)

  11. OMG, I'm sorry, I have to laugh. He looks absolutely adorable in those glasses, but it is amazing what havoc they can wreak is such a short sister's dog Remy has taken out two club chairs so far, despite the fact he has two doggie friends to keep him out of trouble......
    Maybe Cooder wants a pillow of his own??

  12. Cooder is hilarious! We have 3 dogs and a cat and there are no end of stories I could tell! My cat once drug a marinating roast into a bedroom closet for a little private meal while I just ran to the store...Gotta love them!! Marie