Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We need your HELP

We're workin on a vintage product and we need fabric for it. Here is the deal...it needs to have pink and canary yellow in it. Plus it needs a little color that is somewhat masculine too. We don't want it to look too girly. We want it to have a hip vibe. If we had some vintage atomic barkcloth that would be great, but we don't....so what do you think of these designs?
This fabric will be used for curtains if that helps.
Can't reveal the project yet, but soon!
Anyone out there have a few yards of barkcloth that might be appropriate?
Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Dixie & Linda


  1. Loving the fabrics. I'll give my fabrics a look through -- I inherited quite a bit of vintage material.

  2. I love all the fabrics.... The fabric with the black back ground, not so much! It's just a lot busier then the others , and theme wise it doesn't seem to go with as well either.
    I can't wait to see the final product!!

  3. Love, love, love the travel trailer fabrics, especially the 2nd one. and the retro motel one is cool, too. Can you tell I have cabin fever right now and would love to be on the road? BTW, where did you find all these cute retro prints? LOVE THEM!

  4. I love the first one. The little vintage trailers are so sweet and the colors are super popular today.

    Can't wait to see what you are doing.


  5. MMM..do I detect a theme here...travel? Would that mean you found your long desired RV?

    I like the sign material!!


  6. I LOVE the two camper ones - especially the top one~
    I had meant to say something when I saw you changed the page - of course I LOVE it! Can't wait for the next show girlies!

  7. It looks like the first one is winning!
    Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. I have a brand new collection of fabrics coming out with Elizabeth's Studio this spring. You can see it on their web site and also on my own new site: reallyreallyretro.com as well as my blog, Design Rocket.

    I also have a new line coming out next called Really Really Road Trip, but that might not be in time for your needs.

    The colorways goes perfectly with everything retro, as you will see on the blog. I shot pictures with everything in my house!

  9. I have to vote for the flamingo & trailer combo!