Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feelin a little Red, White and Blue...

Right now everyone is inspired by the Olympics and we all feel very patriotic.
GO USA!!!!
Lately we have tried to implement that into our designs. Here is a pic of a wonderful flag that Dixie created out of an old table top.


Next we used old feed sacks as pillow shams on this bed. Cute huh?

We are always drawn to things with our names on them, like this one. (I am usually luckier than Dixie at finding my name.)

Found this old mirror at a thrift store for $4! It looks great in this red, white and blue room.

Geeez I forgot about the big tin sign that says Albers Feed that FJS #4 made me steal off of an old abandoned feed store while she stood watch!
(I just know she would have deserted me if we would have gotten caught!) Oh, and the Albers Feed wall desk that Todays Country Store found for me a few years back! (Love those gals, they are always takin care of us).
We will put those in the room next week.
Have a great weekend, it's beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest!
Linda FJS #2