Monday, November 2, 2009

Flea Market Fabulous!

We were so inspired by our vendors at The Funky Junk Sisters Show that we have all sorts of ideas floating around in our heads. We have gathered some of the best flea markets finds for you, so that you too can be on the lookout at your local fleas.

Mixing and matching china is a wonderful way to put together a one of a kind collection with personality. We did this at our Save the Ta Tas event. We collected china with different patterns (the common denominator was that each pattern had to have some pink in it) and elevated them on ice cream sundae dishes. The tablecloth we served the dessert buffet on was a vintage pink ruffled bedspread we found at the thrift store. The presentation was beautiful and elegant.
Vintage tumblers are very fun and ad some whimsy to any gathering.

A collection of pillows covered in vintage cases suits this day bed just fine. The worn fabrics ad softness to this resting place.

Flea markets and thrift stores are filled with containers like this. Pot something in them and give them as gifts for the holidays. A lovely ribbon on the handle in a Christmas theme would be it's crowning glory!

Look for baskets, boxes and cubbies to use for extra storage in your crafting area. We saw some great old lockers at The Funky Junk Show that would work perfectly here.

Here is a creative headboard, it was probably propped against the wall in the junk store just waiting for someone to repurpose it. Tiffany of Shabby Scraps had darling bud vases like this little one at our show and the lamp is just precious!

This kitchen reminds us of our mother's. She collects so much stuff and somehow she makes it all look so wonderful together, like this picture. Look closely and you will see old pots, old suitcases and more. Just like mom!

Another great headboard idea, that reminds us, who got the fab fireplace mantle at our show? Amy, was that you? Here's an idea for it.

We would love to hear from you about the great finds that you have come across in your adventures on your hunt for junk! Or perhaps you have a favorite place to shop for treasures, tell us about them!


  1. You betcha sister! And I love love love that kitchen!
    Hope you girls have recovered, we're still at it, come see us at The Puyallup fairgrounds this weekend if your out and about!

  2. wow- I am new to your blog and I am in love- swooning over everything!

  3. I like the idea with the locker baskets. I've got a gob of them I've been hoarding, from my dad's old school building. I love all the ideas, actually! Karen

  4. Lovin what I see. I enjoy decorating and reading about others who enjoy it as much as I do! Over the last 40 years I have frequented sales, garage sales, goodwills,friends selling furniture and antique shops to furnish my home to suit my taste. Some call it over the top ,but I love it.