Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa, How Old Are You?

I was reminded today that Macys first introduced Santa to its stores in 1870. One hundred and thirty-nine years ago! A Macys window display in the 1870's.
Of course we are all familiar with the most famous Macy's Santa of all. The one that inspired the movie Miracle on 34th Street. A classic "must see" during the holidays.

Macy's Toy Window Display New York 1915.

Finally, a little family history...our father often played Santa for the local merchants in our home town. Here he is with Dixie on his lap in 1974!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, may you all enjoy the company of family and friends and don't forget to take plenty of pictures. You are creating memories after all. Maybe in another one hundred and thirty-nine years, someone will come across your photos and be fascinated by the history of it all!

Linda & Dixie

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  1. Hello sisters and happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!!
    I just love these pictures you have! My uncle used to be Santa down in Grand Coulee many years ago and he looked so cute!!! You brought back fond memories for me!
    I just saw the post of the barns and didn't realize that you grew up in Deer Park...just up the road (from Spokane!!) Funny where we end up!
    Another thanks for the terrific sale. My friends and I had such a good time!!!
    Blessings! Holly