Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Pictures From The Funky Junk Sisters Show!

Friday night was a blur.... the weather was blustery and the warehouse was filled to the brim with junk and lots and lots and lots of shoppers! Before the doors opened we had a photographer come in and take photographs for a magazine, they are doing a story on flea markets. We'll give you more info on that later. All of us junkies need a turquoise suitcase, don't we? This one was courtesy of the sisterhood of traveling junk.
Pink, pink, and more pink from JohnBobCoolJunk!

Today's Country Store never disappoints!

More pink from Tippy Stockton!

Pat & Billie were from Ellensburg, their specialty was vintage tablecloths.

These gals were a riot, Prudence & Julie, they really kept things lively in their corner of the show!

A sweet southern belle wouldn't be caught dead without her sunshade and Jill Radley had her decked out wonderfully, in pink of course!

Here is an excited shopper that just won a door prize. We made her wait for us to get a snapshot of the pink 50s vintage bra she won! Wonder what she will do with it? Maybe Madonna will want it for her next video!

Fun Junk out of Olympia had lots for shoppers to dig through. Digging is part of the fun when you are junkin....

So glad someone brought the hubby along to carry things out to the car. Do you think he will do the laundry with this thing too?

Vintage clothes and trolley signs from Europe. We absolutely loved this booth (Home Economics), it offered such unusual finds.

Liz Perry had a collection of old thermos jugs.

Can you find the coffee drink in this picture!?!

A sweet vintage stove filled with fabric pumpkins from Retreat.
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  1. looks like sooo much fun!!


    barbara jean

  2. I love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. Maybe someday, if the planets align, I can make it to the show!

  3. Thanks for linking my blog in your previous post. We had so much fun at the show, despite the little catastrophy with a broken statue someone 'helped' Miss Catty Wampus (as she's been called) with. You really outdid yourselves, and what great vendors!! Can't wait for the magazine details! xo

  4. Looks like some great stuff! Can't wait to hear about the magazine!