Monday, October 26, 2009

It Was All So Wonderful!

Our show was an overwhelming success! We will share pics and write more about it later. First we thought we would share some of the blog posts that others have written. Below are links to those.... We just had to show you the newest and cutest little funky junk sisters. These little darlins are Liz Perry's daughters. It seems they have the junk gene in their blood, mama's cousin is Teri Edwards, one of the original Farm Chicks!
Aren't they adorable? They posed in front of our Pink Christmas Tree that Mary Anderson of Whidby Island won!
We will update this list daily, so check back often. Oh, and if we have missed one, please leave a comment to let us know and we will ad it!


  1. Hey Junk Sisters - thank you so much for a wonderful time this past weekend. It was great to be back together again with all of my Junkin buddies and the show was amazing. Had a blast! Thanks again.

  2. Hi-
    We had a wonderful time at your show on Friday night. I did a little post on winning the beautiful doll...I was so excited!

  3. just put up a post about the show! Thanks for all your hard work it was an amazing weekend!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  4. Such a wonderful show. I am so happy to have taken the pictures I did. MY only wish is that I would have taken more. Thanks to all my neighbors and most of all thanks to the funky junk sisters and my customers. I had so much fun I am returning to the funky junky side of me and plan on attending the may show with super cool funky junk and my jewelry. Junk On!
    Rhonda Scott aka Retro Rose Design
    please link me up to your site!

  5. Had a fabulous time selling at this show! Everybody was so nice and the treasures to be had were just over the top! Posted some photos of the event on my blog but I'm wishing I had taken even more photos than I did! Thanks for a great time and looking forward to May!

  6. Thanks so much for a great show! What a great group of vendors...looking forward to Spring already!
    HaPpY aUtuMn;)

  7. Well, I'll be darned....I didn't realize the Funky Junk Sisters were really gals! Oh my goodness...I must get with it. I just thought it was the name of the show. Well, now I'm in the know!

    What a wonderful junk collection...and I mean that in the BEST way. Lots of really great things....I went on Friday night.....brrrrrr....and found myself a couple of very charming items. I soooo don't NEED another thing....but you know how that is!


    PS....looking forward to the next Funky Junk!

  8. Thanks for the great show! Can't wait for the next one! I did a post on my blog with some pics:
    See you in May!