Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We are in desparate need of JUNK therapy!

With all of the craziness going on in our lives right now, Dixie and I are not able to go junkin, even though we think it would be the best therapy for us, so we turned to the web to be creative. Here are some pics we thought were great ideas....

A client once told us she wanted copper tile as a backsplash in her kitchen but her budget wouldn't allow it so she used pennies instead. Here is a photo that uses the same technique on a floor. We love the subtle shimmer the timeworn pennies give off against the black grout.
Here is another creative use for old windows, make a bar or an island out of them. It is super simple just some hinges, dowels and a sheet of glass. It looks funky and fun!
Here old wine corks were used as floor molding. This is a great way to ad some whimsy to a dining room. This project would take a whole lotta corks but you sure could have a darn good time drinking all of those bottles!

One more thing, it's the same concept as the pennies, these are bottle caps. At first we thought they were buttons (buttons could probably be used in the same way). Kind of reminds us of the glass tiles that are so popular now. We could see using this in the man cave, guys would love it!
Ok fellow junkers, we need to ponder over some of your creative ideas to keep our spirits up, so share some ideas with us by commenting. We love to read about the ideas you have too.
Linda & Dixie


  1. I have no creative ideas. But, I sure enjoyed what you enjoyed. The pennies are my fav. Cool. ~Mindy

  2. All so creative! I think The Hubs would love to come home and see that I have been gluing pennies all day long on the back splash. :-) Maybe I'll wait until he goes on a business trip. I love the look of it and it's so interesting.
    Go junkin girls!

  3. Love the floor, but boy I bet that would be a long process!! I think if I showed my hubby this and told him I needed some help recreating it, he would divirce me!! Great ideas! Blessings, Janna

  4. I can't even find the project I was going to take to work on tomorrow! But, if you check my blog in the next couple days, I think I'm going to do a giveaway for some junk from my stash and that might fix you a little bit lol.

  5. Great ideas! I have a couple of old windows and I'm going to ask my Dad to help me make a table....(he loves a project). Thanks for sharing! Laura :)

  6. Wow--that pennies floor is tres-chic! Hope you're all feeling better . . . at least it's cooler!!


  7. Wow the Penny Backsplash, whoda thunk it!